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The Printable Blank Word Search Template for Primary Students

A classroom lesson can be considered the best classroom lesson if it’s educational and fun. Word searches are one of the many fun lessons that can be implemented to teach or even elevate the student’s vocabulary. If your students are especially fond of this kind of puzzle, why not enhance the difficult with a blank word search template. With such a pre-made layout, you can decide all the vocabularies based on the students’ vocabulary mastery or the topics they like.

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What is a Word Search Template?

It’s a blank pre-designed template that can be used to create your own word search puzzle. Perks of using a ready-made layout is that you will have the flexibility to include any vocabularies based on the subject you are teaching.

How to Create a Word Search Puzzle in Excel?

A word search puzzle is a great way to help your primary school students improve their comprehension of the main vocabulary on every subject you teach. Here is the tutorial to create a word search in Excel:

  • List all the vocabularies that you would like to appear in the puzzle. Make sure each word is related to the famous theme that kids like, such as colors, family members, or animals.
  • Open Excel. Select the columns and rows by clicking the A1 box, hold your mouse button down, and drag it to other cells.
  • Select “Home” > “Format.” Select “column width” and input number “2”. Select “Ok” and click “center text.”
  • Type the vocabularies into the spreadsheet and make them read in diagonal, horizontal, and vertical directions. Input random letters in the left boxes and the word search puzzle is ready to print.

blank word search template free psd template

How to Make a Word Search Book?

Download a blank word search template and edit it in any program you find easy to use. Once you are done, save the puzzle sheets in PDF. Use a computer program, such as Adobe, to merge all of your puzzle sheets. Now, you are ready to take it to a print shop.

How Do You Make a Word Search Puzzle in Google Docs?

  • Open Google Docs, move your cursor to the menu bar and click “New” > “Spreadsheet.”
  • This is the spaces where you are going to create a list of words for the puzzle. In box A1, type “Vocabulary Words.”
  • Add the list of your vocabularies right under the “Vocabulary Word” cell, with each vocabulary in one box.
  • To insert the word search, do the step 1 and make sure the spreadsheet is open. Then, select the entire cells with all the information.
  • Select “Insert” and click on “Gadget” > “Word Search Gadget.”
  • Select the “Add to Spreadsheet” option to insert gadget to the spreadsheet. Once the “Word Search Gadget” window is opened, make sure the list cells are correct, the heading rows number is 1, and the columns and row are correct. Then, click “Apply and Close” option.

How to Use a Blank Word Search Template?

You can either download a template in 15 by 13 grid or the smaller one in 10 by 10 grid. Simply print the layout and write the vocabulary of words in the existing boxes. Then, fill out the remaining boxes with random letters.

blank word search template psd template free

Creating a word search puzzle for elementary students is an arduous task, but it would be a whole another story if you use a blank word search template. The only thing you need to do is to fill out the empty boxes with your chosen vocabularies.

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