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Blank YouTube Banner Template to Make Extraordinary Branding

YouTube banner is one of important things to attract the attention of your channel visitors. This is because it will appear as the main display when someone opens your profile on channel. Therefore, to give an extraordinary branding impression, you are not recommended to use arbitrary banner. In this case, you can use blank YouTube banner template.

How Do You Make a YouTube Banner?

Actually, there are many ways to create a custom YouTube banner. First is by using free services on the website. Currently, there are many websites that offer blank YouTube banner template feature. You only need to create an account to get this feature.

Second, you can make it through android application. There are many choices of photo editing applications. You can download it on your smartphone then design it by yourself as what you want it to be. After that, just upload it manually via YouTube Studio.

Another way is to use the services of the editors. You only need to pay and describe the branding you want. Next, they will work for you.

What is the YouTube Banner Size and Format?

In designing YouTube Banner, you must follow a certain size and format. If not, the banner will not be able to be uploaded. Currently, it must have dimensions of 2560 x 1440 in pixels. The format must be JPG with 6MB maximum size.

How Do I Make My YouTube Banner not Blurry?

In this case, you should know a few things that can make the banner blurry. The file size might be too small, so it makes your banner less readable. Moreover, the resolution may be reduced from the applicable provisions.

To make it really clear without any blur, you have to make sure you get the right file size, so the dimensions of banner image are not reduced. For convenience, you can find instant templates with the right size.

What Should I Put on YouTube Banner Template?

Some of the things you should put on your YouTube banner are:

  • A layout to describe your YouTube genre.
  • Picture which viewers can see through your channel.
  • Your channel slogan or motto.
  • Logo or image identity.
  • Fonts to support the channel characters.

Make sure the elements above are in your banner. All of them will show the characteristics of your profile. With the right packaging, these things can attract the attention of visitors to subscribe your channel.

How Can I Turn a Picture into a Banner?

Besides using a custom design, you can also make your own picture as YouTube banner. However, the picture must have been processed professionally, so it meets the criteria as a banner.

As the trick, you can use the image as background of banner or insert it in the design that you have made. You just need to arrange the layout as attractive as possible. Make sure your banner represents the best branding. It will affect your success as a channel owner. Well, using blank YouTube banner template is helpful, isn’t it?


Printable Blank YouTube Banner Template Sample