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Making a New and Customized Blue Shirt by Using Blue T Shirt Template

Got an artwork you’d like to have on your blue shirt? As long as the internet has blue t shirt template, you’ll make your dream comes true. Who knows later you can start your own apparel brand?

blue t shirt template in photoshop

How Can I Design My Own T-shirts?

You can hire someone to work on the design, actually. But don’t you want your blue shirt to be that special – with a self-made design?

If you feel like making your own t-shirt from scratch, you can do this:

  • Grab a template to start working with the design

With blue t shirt template, you now have the basic ‘lifeline’ to create the design. Or at least, a mock-up design. You only need to add text, artwork, or picture to complete it.

blue t shirt template in psd design

  • Making it from scratch

Are you confident with your designing skill? Well, why don’t you make the t-shirt the one and only with your own design? You can prepare everything from ground zero. Of course, this will take time, though.

How Much to Design T-shirts?

If you plan to hire a designer, then you need to prepare at least $25 for the mere design. Some designers may even charge you more than that, $100 for example. It is reasonable enough since designing an artwork is not preschool-kid math homework.

So, if you are capable enough to design, it is good to you to at least try designing. No matter how will the design look – the first step is important. You will learn as you try, and that applies in this t-shirt making process as well.

Where Can I Design a T-shirt?

You can benefit from both offline and online application. Aside from that, hiring someone to design the t-shirt can be done as well. But hiring someone may cost you quite much. Unless you are ready to pay, making the design yourself is the best choice to make.

What Program is best for T-shirt Design?

Most people will stick to image-editor application, such as:

  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Illustrator and such.

Why are they making these apps as the ultimate choices? It is because most templates are using these apps to open them. So, if you want to use templates, best to install the relevant app beforehand.

blue t shirt template in photoshop free download

How to Make a T-shirt Design with Template?

After downloading a blue t-shirt template and preparing a concept to work with, the next is applying that onto your soon-to-be shirt.

  • Open the template simply by launching the relevant app and opening the template by benefitting the ‘Open’ feature in-app.
  • Prepare your already-made artwork or any text/picture you want to insert.
  • Place your content onto the front side of the t-shirt. If any, place your content to the back side as well.
  • Review your work. If it fulfills your desire, then it’s good to export the file already.
  • You can opt to save the template or not. It can be left blank for another use in the future.

blue t shirt template psd template free

So that is some information you may need in order to create your own t-shirt. If you want to make a blue shirt, then making the mock-up file with blue t shirt template should help. Not only you save your money for not hiring a designer – by designing your own t-shirt and wearing your self-creation, you can feel a distinct satisfaction. Words can’t even describe it!

blue t shirt template template for photoshop

Printable Blue T Shirt Template Sample

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