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Benefits of Using the Boarding Pass Template

A boarding pass may not be a foreign thing to you. You may find it as day-to-day thing as you frequently fly for your career purpose. However, boarding pass can be used for more purposes, from a ticket to an invitation. Do you want to make a boarding pass, but still have no idea how to make one? Don’t worry. Just grab a boarding pass template and be prepared to make one.

boarding pass template psd template free

What can be made by a Boarding Pass Template?

From the template, there are many possibilities to make creative products. For example, you can create an invitation for your event – let’s say, a wedding. Another example is to make the boarding pass as a ticket to attend an event.

If you are playing with your kids, you can print them a boarding pass as well. That will make the game more legit. Don’t forget to thank us if your kids love it.

What is the Size of Boarding Pass?

Typical airline boarding pass is sized 3”x7” for the height and width consecutively. But some others may create a slightly different size of boarding pass, which is 4”x8”.

boarding pass template free psd template

What is the Content of a Boarding Pass?

The content of a boarding pass varies – depending on what purpose you are having. Making a fake boarding pass will include different content than making a boarding pass themed invitation.

boarding pass template template free psd

For example, if you make an invitation, the basic four you need to include are: title, date, time, and venue. Creating a fake boarding pass will not include venue and instead, it will need the airline name, seat number, flight number, etc.

How Do You Create a Boarding Pass?

To create a boarding pass, you can make it by the help of a template. The template is found many in the internet, and most of them are free to download. With such template, making a boarding pass will never be that easy.

However, if you decided to make your boarding pass, you can make it too by using common apps, such as Microsoft Word or Photoshop. You should pick any apps that you feel confident to work with.

How to Customize a Boarding Pass Template?

It’s not difficult at all to customize boarding pass template.

  • First, you should know what you will make from the template. Is it a fake boarding pass, a ticket to an event, or an invitation? Deciding your purpose before downloading the template is crucial.
  • Next, outline how will your content be like; especially if you are going to use the template not for boarding pass.
  • After planning what content you are going to input, you can launch the compatible app to work with the template and start customizing it.
  • As the last step, save/export your end-result file. You don’t want your finished project be ruined because you turn off the PC without saving it, right?

So, are you ready to create your own boarding pass? Creating one manually will surely get you the much-anticipated satisfaction, but if you want to do it quick, downloading a boarding pass template will surely be recommended for you.

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