10+ Printable Boat Bill of Sale Template

What You should Know about Boat Bill of Sale Template?

A boat bill of sale template is often used by those who are about to sell their boats or buying a boat, mostly second-handed ones, from someone else. The document is a legal written agreement about the ownership of the boat. If you have never made the bill of sale for a boat, find the template and information about it below.

boat bill of sale template in word

What Is Boat Bill of Sale Template?

The template is outline of the document stating the transfer of ownership from the current owner of the boat to the next owner. Usually this document is needed because boat is quite expensive and worth a lot of money. That is why everything must be well-documented, including the ownership transfer. It will help preventing any complications about the ownership.

How Do You Write A Bill of Sale for a Boat?

The bill of sale can be written with the help of a template. The template is available almost everywhere around the internet and there are some here, too. The bill of sale should be written properly, using Microsoft Word mostly, and get printed. The printed version will be signed off by all parties and witnessed by a notary or someone with legal authority.

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How Do You Write a Simple Bill of Sale?

Writing a good bill of sale for boat can be a little bit tricky because boats are not that common, like cars. However, the basic content of the bill of sale is quite easy to draft. They are including:

  • The detailed information about the boat (manufacturing year, model, etc.)
  • Information about the seller/ current owner
  • Information about the buyer/ soon-to-be owner
  • Agreements about the purchasing of the boat

boat bill of sale template template free word

Is a Handwritten Bill of Sale Legal?

Well, what matters in a bill of sale is the content and the legality of it. As long as the agreement is signed off by both parties and it has the signature of a notary or attorney, it should be legally binding. If you already have a boat bill of sale template, the document does not have to be handwritten, though. However, it is completely acceptable to write the document by hand.

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Can I Buy a Boat with Only a Bill of Sale?

Bill of sale is like the legal document stating that the ownership of the boat has been passed from one party to another. It can be used as legal prove of the purchase as well. So, yes, you can buy a boat and after finishing the transaction, you will get the bill of sale only.

Can I Write a Bill of Sale for One Dollar?

In the agreement like this, usually you will read the term “one dollar and other valuable considerations”. It does not literally mean one dollar and it is just the term to state the value of the object. Boats have value over $10,000 for sure.

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Those are basically what you need to know about the bill of sale. There is no need to write everything from nothing when you have the right boat bill of sale template.

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Printable Boat Bill of Sale Template Sample

boat bill of sale template example word design

boat bill of sale template free download word

boat bill of sale template free word template

boat bill of sale template in word design




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