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Free Book Mark Template to Start Your DIY Creations

Book mark template is needed by those bookworms or those who collect and read tons of books every day. You can purchase bookmark like anywhere, but it will be really nice to make one on your own. You should be able to customize the bookmark any way you like.

What Is Bookmark Template?

The template is a blank shape to be used as bookmark. Well, the bookmark is very useful to give a hint of which page or which chapter being read the last time.

Is there A Bookmark Template in Word?

There is no specific book mark template in Microsoft Word. However, most templates available here or anywhere else are in a doc format, which means they are available for Microsoft Word. You just have to open the template in Microsoft Word, and then edit the appearance of the intended bookmark. Add anything you desire before eventually printing the bookmark.

How Do You Make A Bookmark?

Making a bookmark can be done by downloading some templates here. Pick one or two templates and use them to create your own bookmark. It will save times and effort for sure.

How Do You Make A Bookmark In Microsoft Word?

You can make bookmark in Microsoft Word by using a template. If you have no template, simply draw a rectangle or any banner shape from the collections. Then, fill in the shape with colors or pattern. Last but not least, print the bookmark and it is ready to use.

How Do I Make A Bookmark In Canva?

Canva is really great application to make basically, well, anything. Bookmark can be made using the mobile application. It is easy as the application has the tools to create the basic shape of the bookmark and decorate it with pictures or text as you desire. The result can be printed right away using connected printer or transfer it first to a computer.

How Do I Create A Bookmark In Photoshop?

Photoshop is another great application to make book mark. Essentially, Photoshop has a lot of things you can employ to create the bookmark. Here’s how you make the simple bookmark.

  • Open new document in Photoshop and set the paper size to A4.
  • Select the drawing tool and select the rectangle shape.
  • Draw four to five rectangles to fill the paper.
  • Decorate each rectangle with colors or images, using the “fill” button.
  • If you want to add text, use the “text” button and then type in the letters.
  • Print the book mark using thicker type of paper, like photo paper or vinyl paper.

If you need the template, pick one or two from the collection. You will find tons of option and they should be able to provide you with beautiful bookmark by the end of the day. You do not have to rely on template, though, as bookmark can be in any shape you desire. However, for the best result, always use the ready-made book mark template. It will ease you in the making process.


Printable Book Mark Template Sample