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Try Downloading Book PowerPoint Template Your Presentation Slides

A PowerPoint template is very useful when you want to make presentation slides. Every PowerPoint template typically has a certain theme that makes its looks distinct from other templates. That applies as well to book PowerPoint template. When it comes to book launching, storytelling, or literature-related events, you may use this template to make slides specialized for those events.

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Where Can I Get Book PowerPoint Templates for Free?

Although Office has already prepared many online templates to download, or offline templates to directly choose from, for some people, the designs offered are too boring, so they search for a nice template online.

This is due to the easy download of online templates. Also, many templates are free to download and easy to customize. That’s why many people are having good time editing the downloaded templates for work or study purpose.

What is the Size of Book PowerPoint Templates?

In general, templates’ size can be divided into two categories: 4:3 and 16:9. The common one is the template with screen ratio 4:3. For full screen templates, you can have 16:9 templates since 4:3 designs usually leaves blank black space while the slide is presented.

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However, despite the blank space in 4:3 templates, it suits more with the projector’s screen ratio. In contrast, 16:9 templates will make a full screen display on the PC screen. Hence, if you are using 16:9 templates, oftentimes the display will be zoomed out.

What is the Use of Book PowerPoint Template?

Apart from literature events, storytelling, or such, you can expect to use this template for any purpose. Book PowerPoint template can be considered as a versatile tool. Let it be the template of your teaching presentation or your assignment PPT slides, all purposes are acceptable.

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What Does Book PowerPoint Template Offer?

In most PPT templates, usually they will have specific design for each layout slide. There are nine slide layouts in PowerPoint, and several of them have different backgrounds if the template set it as such. However, some templates may not be offering this feature.

Also, along with your template, typically the font type and size are already set. Although most of them will have common font style embedded in the template as default, some other may require you to download and install the font to be able to use the template properly.

How Do I Create a Book in PowerPoint?

If you have downloaded the book template and still confused about what to do, here is the procedure you need to follow to customize the template.

  • First, launch Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Through the application’s ‘Open’ feature, browse through your files to find the template you have just downloaded. Or, press Ctrl+O then browse the file.
  • Once the template has been opened, start customizing it. This will include changing the content, slide layout, font style, font size, animations, and slide transition effects.
  • If you have finished customizing process, save the file with a new name to make the template remains unchanged. By doing this, you can use the template for further purpose.

So, that is how to use book PowerPoint template. Templates in general will help you much to create better presentations. It will also help you make slides with less time.

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