10+ Printable Book Proposal Template

What is Book Proposal Template and How to Use It?

When you are planning to publish your book, in some cases you need to write a book proposal as well. This is carried out in order to provide a ‘cover letter’ for your manuscript. Besides, a proposal helps you to deliver a light overview about the book, so the publisher will get acquainted to your book. To write the proposal, you can use a book proposal template.

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What is a Book Proposal Template?

A book proposal template will look like a normal proposal, to be briefly said. It does not contain all of the book’s content. You can see what the content of a book proposal is under the proposal structure section below.

How Long is a Book Proposal?

In general, a book proposal will take around 10-25 pages, or even more if your publisher needs sample per chapter. It may seem like a long proposal to write by a single author, but if you successfully convince the publisher, they will contract you to write that book.

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How Do You Propose a Book to a Publisher?

  • First you need to list which publishers are potential enough to publish your book.
  • Refine the list – cut down into only several publishers to send your proposal to.
  • Start preparing your book proposal. Do your best in creating it as it will be reviewed firstly.
  • Once you are sure with the book proposal, gain all of your confidence. Submit the proposal.

book proposal template free word template

How Do You Structure a Book Proposal?

  • Header: in this section, write the book’s title and your identity as the author (name, email, phone number).
  • Succinct synopsis of the book.
  • Longer synopsis that includes the answer of:
    1. What is this book about?
    2. Why did you write this book?
    3. How will this book benefit the publisher commercially?
  • Chapter breakdown and sample (if required)
  • Book details (size, page, etc)
  • Short biography
  • Target audience
  • Market profile. In this section, you can tell your publisher why this book is worth publishing. If it is a book new in its kind, tell it as well.
  • Sales venue other than bookstores
  • Schedule, which will tell the publisher how many days after the contract you are ready to give out the manuscript.

How Do You Make a Book Proposal using Template?

You can rely on book proposal template to make your book proposal quickly. You can use this template if you feel lost and confused about what you should write in a book proposal. The good thing is, book proposal template is easily downloadable, and most of them are free of charge!

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Shortly after you downloaded the template, you can open the template using the related app. The typical book proposal template has .doc/.docx file extension; hence, you should open it with a word processor app. Customize the app as needed, and you can print it afterwards.

Although writing a proposal with a book proposal template will help you to ease the job, you still need to make the proposal with your utmost effort. You should make the content great enough so that the publisher becomes interested in publishing your book.

book proposal template in word

Printable Book Proposal Template Sample

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