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Consideration in Using the Book Summary Template

Summarizing a book is not an easy thing where you only copy-pasting the content and handing it in. It requires you a lot of consideration to pick which part you should put into your summary. You should know how to compose it as well. If you don’t know what to do, simply download a book summary template and you’re ready to go.

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How Do You Write a Good Summary for a Book?

To summarize a book, you need to read the book wholly, because you cannot just summarize the book without knowing the whole content first. Write down any important contents to be typed in a summary.

Then, you can proceed by using a computer to type the summary. If you’ve known the structures, it’s OK to go without having a template. Using a template can help you to provide the outline.

How Long is a Book Summary?

Generally, a summary should not surpass one-third of the content summarized. After all, summary is not a summary if its length is similar to the original file.

What are Three Characteristics of a Good Summary?

  • Accurate

Even though you are writing a summary, you cannot just neglect and cut off the right content and replace it with something that isn’t.

  • Concise

Summary is not a summary if it is long. Make sure to write your summary concisely accurate.

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  • Objective

A book summary should contain only the author’s point of view.

What are the Steps to Write a Summary?

There are five steps to write a summary:

  • First, you must read the text to know what to write down
  • Separate the text into several sections
  • Note what key points in every section
  • Now, you’re ready to write the summary. Develop each section’s key point according to what you have read earlier before.
  • Once you’ve done the summary, check and review it. If needed, you can revise it a bit.

book summary template in word

How to Write Summary with a Template?

To write a book summary with a template, then you must download a template beforehand. You can find book summary template online with various looks coming with it. Just pick one that suits your preference and simply download it afterwards.

Then, you can follow this procedure:

  • Know which application is appropriate to open the template. For example, if you downloaded a .doc/.docx template, then you should open the template with a word processor app.
  • Launch the compatible computer app, then using the ‘Open’ feature, open the template.
  • Continue by customizing it. You can start typing the book summary on that template.
  • Once you’ve done editing, save the file with a new name. You can use the blank template for further use.

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That sums up some related information about book summary template, including how to make a book summary so that it becomes a good summary retelling the readers what that book is about. With that in mind, you can learn what is inferred in a book and telling them back in a form of book summary.

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Printable Book Summary Template Sample

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