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Bookmark Template Free for Creating a Cool Bookmark

Have a keen love for reading? Just like a sentence, you need to place a stop to do something else. That is where having a bookmark might come in handy. Normally, books are sold with their own bookmark. But what if your bookmark got lost or broken? Then having a bookmark template free will help you to create one, suiting your preferences, for free!

bookmark template free in photoshop

How Do You Create a Bookmark?

A bookmark can be made handmade or digitally. You may use folded papers, laminated dried leaves, or anything to make a bookmark handmade. If made in digital way, you can rely on computer programs and template to create bookmark.

Is There a Bookmark Template in Word?

Although Microsoft Word does not provide a bookmark template directly in their website, you can find bookmark template free online. These templates come with many template file types, and Word file extension, .doc and .docx, are one of those template files which are offered online.

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Aside from Word-compatible templates, you can get templates that perfectly suits image editor computer programs. One great example of such app is Adobe Photoshop. If you are capable enough to operate that program, using Photoshop-friendly templates will be a great option for you.

What is a Good Size for a Bookmark?

Bookmarks are mostly found in these three sizes:

  • 2” width x 6” length,
  • 2” width x 7” length, and
  • 5” width x 8.5” length.

However, you can get any sizes that you want. Your books may be smaller or bigger than common books; hence you can customize and resize the bookmark’s size according to the books’ size.

bookmark template free psd template free

What Kind of Paper is Bookmarks Printed on?

For making bookmarks, usually people will print their designs on a cardstock. This material is widely used for bookmarks thanks to its sturdy enough material. Hence, cardstock is not easily folded. Moreover, this material can be printed on without any hassle. It’s not too hard to be cut with scissors and shaped into any design.

How Do I create a Printable Bookmark?

Well, you can make a bookmark with a template. Here are the steps.

  • First, you should know what type of bookmark template you are going to download. For example, a .doc template, a .pdf template, or a .psd template.
  • Then, search for any downloadable bookmark templates that are suitable with your preferences. Simply click download afterwards.
  • Launch the application – then open the template file through the app.
  • You can customize the file now. Add text, image, ornaments, or whatever you want into the bookmark. You can also change the size.
  • Save the customized file afterwards. You can make a new file by using the ‘Save As’ feature or simply letting the template file customized already.
  • Now, you can print the bookmark!

bookmark template free template for photoshop

So, after reading that information about bookmark and bookmark template free, are you ready to make your own bookmark? Even though you are not experienced in designing something, trying to make a bookmark with a template will be a valuable experience. This is because you can learn something new in relatively easy way. And fortunately, it is for free!

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Printable Bookmark Template Sample

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