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Using Bookplate Template to Beautify Your Book Cover

Many people don’t know what the bookplate is, although its existence is very helpful in book labeling. Well, bookplate can be interpreted as a printed label that shows the identity of the book owner. It can also be used to beautify a boring cover.  Here is more information about bookplate template.

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What Do You Write on A Bookplate?

Bookplate is actually a modification of the name column in a book cover.  Therefore, what is in it shows the information related to book ownership.  The components can be adjusted according to the status of the book.

The contents of bookplate of personal books will be different to the one owned by libraries. For personal books, of course, it is important to include your name and address. For libraries, more information is needed, such as book serial numbers, codes, and also the name of institution.

Phrases that are usually written in a bookplate template are:

  • This book belongs to:
  • From the library:
  • Address
  • Note

What Size Is a Bookplate?

In general, the bookplate size is not too big. It is just enough to display the principal identity of the book owner. Generally, the size is 3×4 inches or about 7×10 cm.

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How to Make a Bookplate Template?

In making a bookplate template, the first thing you have to do is adjust its size. If you use editing software, you can set it in inches or cm. For inches, the size is 3×4 inches. Then, for centimeters, the size is 7×10 cm.

Second, you have to set the background. Choose an interesting one, but try not to have a lot of image elements in the background. This is because too many images will make the text illegible.

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Third, you need to arrange the writing layout. Decide what you want to write in your booklet. After that, arrange the layout and make sure you organize it neatly. The font you choose will also greatly affect the neatness of the layout.

The last, you need to do the finishing. It can be done by fixing the unsuitable layout and add interesting pictures. Don’t forget to make corrections to the writing.

Do We Need A Signature in The Bookplate Template?

Signature is not mandatory in this case. However, you can add it as additional elements if you want.  Usually, in an institution, a stamp in a bookplate is more necessary than a signature.

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How Do I Get A Bookplate Template Easily?

There are many ways to get templates easily. You can get it for free on the websites which provide countless options of templates. If you want the custom one, use an editing service to get it. However, if you want custom template without paying, you can make it as DIY. Just use the existing paper, and you can cut it manually. You have to handwrite it for this option.

That’s the information about bookplate. Use the best bookplate template, so you can leave the boring book covers. Just use the information above as a reference.

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Printable Bookplate Template Sample

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