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Bottle Label Template and How to Utilize Your Design

When you are hosting an event or wedding, using a bottle label template will help you creating a simple yet creative design to impress your guests. It is important to leave a memorable impression when holding a special event. That is why using the template will be convenient. Check the information below to help you making the labels.

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How Do You Make Labels for Bottles?

Designing bottle label by yourself has a lot of benefits, such as it will not cost you too much budget. In addition, it is very convenient to use at your parties. Well, there are several ways to make this label.

First, buy the water bottles beforehand. Once you bought them, remove the original labels. After that, you can design the labels on your own. Avoid putting the bottles in refrigerator because the labels might get broken.

How Do I Make Labels from Bottles in Word?

There are various tools you can use to design a label for bottles, and one of them is by using Microsoft Word. It is an easy method since you only need to insert the shape in any form you like, and then edit it. Change the length of shape by changing the size in Format tab.

bottle label template in psd design

Moreover, change the shape’s background by inserting several images that match your taste, or just put stickers to make it unique. After that, insert another shape in a smaller size and type the label with some details. To make it simple, use bottle label template.

How Do I Make and Print Labels?

If you are already done with the design, the next step is to print the label. There is no need to print it using special label printer because you can use the common printer. Furthermore, choose the proper paper, so it will make your label long-lasting.

bottle label template psd template free

Can I Print Waterproof Labels at Home?

Yes, you can. Before printing process, you need to choose the right paper. You can print it to be the waterproof label. Just try to use the other types of paper, such as photo paper instead of ordinary one. However, it would be more effective if you use sticker paper.

Using this kind of paper is convenient and won’t cost too much. Moreover, you don’t have to spray anything on the label since it has a strong ability in the water.

How Do You Protect Bottle Labels?

When you are trying to put the labels on bottles, make sure you didn’t put them on the refrigerator before. The water that’s coming from it will destroy the ink in your labels.

You can protect it by spraying the clear acrylic to seal the ink. Do this in a well-ventilated area, so you will still have enough oxygen, as well as avoid the toxic materials.

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In addition, it is important to create unique labels for your special events. It can be a focal point as well. That is why using a bottle label template will help you to create impressive design.


bottle label template template free psd

Printable Bottle Label Template Sample

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