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How to Use a Bow Tie Template for Your Project

Wearing bow tie may be something that makes someone feels cool. That is what the reality is. Starting back then from the 17th century, a bow tie spread from its Croatian origin to many European regions. Even today, we can see men wear it for many styles – from formal to casual ones. It turns out there is such thing called bow tie template. If you want to sew a bow tie, you may need this tool to help you out.

bow tie template free psd template

What is Bow Tie Template?

Actually, a bow tie template is not merely used to help you sewing a bow tie. Helping you sewing a perfectly made bow tie is the ultimate purpose of this template. However, you can use this tie template as a coloring media for kids, to mention it randomly.

You can also benefit this template in order to make sort of craft that includes a bow tie. Just print the template directly for that purpose. The next is to freely customize it – let it be spraying some paint on it, sticking the bow tie on top a gift, etc. The choice is all yours.

How Long Should a Bow Tie Be?

If you decide to sew a bow tie for your S/O, using a template will surely help you out in order to set the size. But still, you better know the detailed size of it.

The average bow tie will have sizes as follows:

  • Bow width and height have the ratio of 2:1
  • Bow height and the knot height have the ratio of 3:1
  • The knot width and height have the ratio of 1:1, hence the shape is square.

bow tie template psd template free

How to Use a Bow Tie Template?

Whatever your purpose is, typically people use bow tie template directly. It means people does not customize it digitally, but they will print it directly instead. This will be carried out especially if you are using the template to help you with bow tie sewing.

bow tie template template free psd

How Do You Make a Simple Bow Tie?

To customize a bow tie in a template, it depends on the file you have downloaded. Since common bow tie template has .doc/.docx file extension, then editing/customizing it with Microsoft Word will be the best method ever. However, this will be different if you are using another type of file extension.

For example, a PDF template cannot be customized, unlike Microsoft Word-ready templates. You may convert it to .doc/.docx if you need to edit it using Word. However, in many cases, people will print it straight away.

How You Print a Bow Tie Template?

To get the bow tie on hand, it’s a must that you need to print it. You can directly print it on a regular, plain, white paper or using a colorful paper if you want to include it as a part of the craft. After that, feel free to do anything with that bow tie print-out.

So, that is what you should know about bow tie and how to make it using a bow tie template. Hope this info and the template helps you during the making.

bow tie template example psd design bow tie template free download psd


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