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Box Template and Related Things You Need to Know

It’s important to create a nice packaging design when you’re managing a business. That’s why using a box template will be helpful to you. Sending your customers with delightful packaging will help them to be more impressed with your brand. Let’s dig the further information on how to create it.

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What Is a Box Template?

It is a convenient tool that will help you to create a box to wrap a product. When you are running a business and don’t have time to buy boxes, you can use this template since it is very affordable and can help you to save time for packaging.

By using a box template, you will only have to print it using the right paper that’s strong enough and won’t be broken easily. After that, fold it by following the available pattern.

What Are Packaging Nets?

Net is a flat two-dimensional shape consisted of score lines, and it will form a three-dimensional shape like a box when you fold and glue it together. It is often used to be the basis of making packaging items.

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It’s important to make the net symmetrical, and make the edges of opposite sides equal each other. It will help the box to have the same length and easy to fold.

How Do I Create A Box Template?

If you want to design it by yourself, there are various methods to create it. Use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator since these apps are known for their convenient features to make the design.

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In addition, consider using Cricut as an alternative method. It is also another efficient tool that you can use to make a custom design as it offers various ready-made templates.

How Do I Create A Box Template In Illustrator?

Many people consider Adobe Illustrator as the perfect tool to create a design. Making a template in Illustrator is very easy and won’t take too much time, so it is very convenient.

After you open the software, all you need to do is to create rectangles. Use the Line Segment tool to create it, and choose the length as you like. Copy the first rectangle, and drag it to the side. Move the position until it can be fit enough to be a template.

How Do You Make a Cardboard Box?

If you want to create it manually using your hands, consider using the same pattern of cardboard.

  • First, prepare long paper like A4, and then draw the pattern lines with a ruler.
  • Cut all of the sides a little, and then glue them together.
  • Fold all of the sides until they look like a box, and don’t glue the top side, so people can open and close the box.

box template psd template free

Well, that’s how to make the box by using template. When you are running a business, you surely need to put effort for packaging, so your customers will be impressed. It also helps your business to be more popular. In this case, using a box template will make your work more efficient.


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