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Basic Information of Brainstorming Template to Help Your Study

When you’re working on a group project, using a brainstorming template will help your team to understand the subjects more. Since it has been proved as one of the most effective ways to spark creative ideas in the group, you need to consider using this template. Here is the information that will help your brainstorming method to be more well-founded.

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What are the 4 Methods of Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a method that’s usually used in a group project to think about new ideas and solve any problems. Using this method means the members have to sit around and need to come up with ideas and solutions.

This method can also be used with different techniques, but the majority of people agree the most effective ones are:

  • Mind mapping
  • Figure storming
  • Brain-writing
  • Rapid ideation

How Do I Make A Mind Map in PowerPoint?

Since mind map is the most effective techniques of brainstorming, it is useful to understand how to make it on your own. Although PowerPoint already offers some template designs, using this software to make a mind map from scratch is also very easy.

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When you already make a new blank presentation, delete all of the bubbles on the slide. After that, insert some of the Shapes with the forms you like. Write down the main ideas in the biggest shape then continue writing the subtopics as well. Using PowerPoint is easy because it is very simple and quick to use.

How Do You Make A Brainstorming Chart?

Usually, the most popular way to create a brainstorming chart is by writing the main idea beforehand. After that, hierarchically generate the related topics and subtopics on another shape. In addition, members can also write down all ideas that they have, and then organize them until they get the results.

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Another alternative method is by using a brainstorming template since it will help your team to organize the ideas more, and it won’t take too much time to revise.

How Do You Write A Brainstorm for A Story?

Besides the group projects, you can also apply this method to write a story. It will help you to organize the storyline more, and bring the best of your story.

Create the shapes and write down the ideas. Organize those shapes into different functions, such as the first shape will be about the characterization, the second is about the conflict, and the last shapes are about the setting.

What Is the Benefits of Brainstorming?

Using this technique generally offers a lot of benefits. It helps you to create groundbreaking ideas and theories that can solve many problems.

On top of that, when you apply this to group project, it encouraged the members to be more cohesive. Furthermore, it is also a very fun technique that will help the team to bring the best of your quality.

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This method has been proved to be the most effective idea generating techniques. That’s why you need to use the brainstorming template to organize your concept.

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Printable Brainstorming Template Sample

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