5+ Printable Bubble Chart Template

How to Use the Bubble Chart Template

Bubble chart template is always needed by those who need to make a presentation and show charts and graphs using bubble style. The chart is often used in situation where more than three elements are going to be combined or compared. If you need the chart right now and you cannot make one on your own, here are some templates to get downloaded for free.

bubble chart template free word template

What Is Bubble Chart Template?

The template is the one you can use to make a simplified bubble chart. It has the option of how many circles or bubbles you want and how you want them to meet in the middle. You just have to adjust the data to the chart display and then you can insert the information about the chart. This is why templates are very useful here as you just have to modify it instead of making it.

How Do You Create A Bubble Chart In Excel?

Excel has a great tool to make bubble chart and it is located in the “insert” button, just like when you are using Words or power points. The good thing about Excel is because you can simply add colors and even textures to the chart to make it even more interesting to read.

bubble chart template template free word

What Is A Bubble Chart Good For?

Bubble chart is good to use when you have to present about several elements or things and having to find out where are those things having in common. It is believed that school teachers, human resources department and other places where a lot of people are involved are heavily needed in such chart to see how things are working out in their places.

bubble chart template word template free

How Do I Create A Bubble Chart In Word?

If you cannot find the bubble chart template and have to create the chart on your own and using Words, you should follow this step:

  • Open “insert” tab on the window ribbon
  • Find the option “chart” and click it.
  • Choose the style of the chart you want to use and click insert.

Who Invented Bubble Chart?

It is believed that bubble chart is invented by a man named Hans Rosling. He was a Swedish math and health expert who did create something to ease the analysis of his works. The chart has been around for more than 200 years and is believed to be the most effective one to this day.

How Do You Create A Bubble Chart In PowerPoint?

Like the one explained for Words and Excel, PowerPoint also has the tool to create the bubble chart. It is there on the insert tab as well. Or, if you are using the old power point, the chart is already there on the top of the window ribbon.

It is clear that the chart is one of the most common to use everywhere all around the world. You can make the chart in Words, Excel, PowerPoint and all of the rest. You just have to find the chart button and draw the needed chart. Use the bubble chart template you like the best from the collection above and surely you will be able to present the analysis even better.

bubble chart template example word design bubble chart template free download word


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