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Bubble Map Template to Create the Bubble Map Effortlessly

You may have not heard what bubble map is. However, probably you will know it the second you see that directly. It’s not uncommon for this kind of map to be found in our daily life. If you are a teacher, maybe you know this tool pretty well. You may often use this while teaching. This article will explain you what bubble map is, as well as how to make it with a bubble map template.

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What is a Bubble Map?

Bubble map is a kind of tool that helps you to describe something using phrases and/or adjectives. It contains of a larger inside circle – called as bubble – and several lines extending to circles (bubbles) on the outer side.

How Do You Make a Bubble Map?

Creating a bubble map manually is relatively simple – especially if you are doing it by paper and pen.

  • First of all, you need to set what thing you are going to explain. Then, once you found what you want to explain, you can write it down and encircle the word with a large circle.
  • Then, find some characteristics that explain the word you’ve just written.
  • Draw an extending line from the larger circle’s surface. Write down each description using short single-word adjective or short phrases.
  • Draw another littler circle to contain the description you’ve just mentioned. Continue until you have several descriptions describing that term in the largest circle.

bubble map template template for word

How Do I Create a Bubble Map in Word?

To make a bubble map in Word, you can use either of these two methods: making it yourself, or using a bubble map template. Using a template will not only cut your time in making the bubble map from scratch, but it will also set your mind at ease. Hence you can do any other things on your checklist.

bubble map template template free word

What is a Bubble Map Example?

In schools, a bubble map is frequently found. This map is usually used to define something the students have learned visually. Let’s take ‘cat’ as our term, which will go in the largest circle in a bubble map.

Then in the outer circles of the map, you can write as follows:

  • Four legs
  • A mammal
  • Tailed
  • Have fur
  • Viviparous

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How Do You Use a Bubble Map?

Referring to the ‘cat’ term mentioned before, to use a bubble map, you can write ‘cat’ in the inner, bigger circle, then writing the characteristics on the outer circles.

What if you want to make more than one bubble map? Then you can combine those maps as long as it has similarities.

For example, let’s say you are going to write down ‘house-gecko’ as the term. It turns out that the similar characteristics are ‘tailed’ and ‘four legs’. Then, to your ‘house-gecko’ bubble map, link these characteristics to the inner circle as well.

Now you know what a bubble map is and how to make it with a bubble map template. Making the map with a template will cut your time for designing, hence you can allocate that time for doing another business.

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Printable Bubble Map Template Sample

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