10+ Printable Budget Calendar Template

How to Make Budget Calendar Template Efficiently

If you are having trouble managing the personal finance, using a budget calendar template is a great choice. It will help you to keep the track of your money without the need to be worried about budget problems. Let’s learn about this convenient template in the next section.

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What Is Budget Calendar?

In fact, managing your money can be quite handy because sometimes you forget how much money you spent. That is why you need a tool like budget calendar to plan your money wisely.

By using this kind of calendar, you will be able to record your money activity comfortably without the need to go to the bank. On top of that, it will also help you to reach the financial dream.

What Should Be Included In A Budget?

In addition, it is important to understand what things should be included in your budget calendar. Here are several things that should be listed:

  • Monthly Income
  • Housing Payment
  • Savings Fund
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Basic daily needs

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How Do I Make A Budget Template?

Before you make it, you have to define the goals that you want to reach. After that, choose whether you want to use a digital tracker or paper planner.

Some things that should be included in the budgeting template can be categorized as follows:

  • Your income
  • Bills
  • Debt
  • Your savings goals

Another option when you want to quickly track down your personal finance is by using a budget calendar template.

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Does Excel Have A Budget Template?

Even though there are plenty of platforms available online to help you organize the budget template, you can choose an alternative way by using Microsoft Excel. It offers several templates that are convenient since the expenses are already organized with different categories.

When you use this template, you need to put your record at the beginning until the end of month. After that, accumulate the monthly budget by using a formula, so you will understand how many budgets you spent in the span of one month.

How Do I Create A Budget Tracker In Excel?

If you want to create the money tracker on your own, using Microsoft Excel will be the best choice because it is easy to use. The first thing you need to do is to create some row headings and categories on the first sheet.

After that, create column headings and enter what month you want to track. Insert your income and expenses from the beginning to the end of month in the columns. You can copy these entire columns to the new sheet if you want to insert some new categories.

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Managing budget can be quite handy and take too much effort, especially if you don’t understand how to properly manage it. That’s why it is recommended to use budget calendar template. It will not only manage your finance, but also help you to reach your financial goal. Just choose the best design that’s suitable with your plan.

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Printable Budget Calendar Template Sample

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