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There is a popular saying that goes “work smarter, not harder” and many people have been implementing this principle throughout the day. It can help improve accuracy, efficiency, and most of all, make everything even more manageable. The closest example of this notion is a Quality Control team that uses a bug report template to an accurate report.

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What is a Bug Report?

It’s a report containing all the required information to document and fix bugs or problems discovered in software or an online platform.

How Do You Write a Bug Report?

To create an accurate bug report, the following information should be included in the statement:

  • Summary/Title: It serves as a concise overview of the bug.
  • Platform: It’s also vital to include what kind of operating system is being used when you find the bug. This also serves as clear guidelines on how your developers can reproduce the bug.
  • Priority and Description: Bug fixes priority is determined by the level of severity. With a well-specified focus, the most severe issues on your platform will be fixed first. It’s also essential to include a clear description to give a simple understanding of what happens.
  • Clear Steps to Reproduce: The more detailed you describe each step; the quicker the problems can be fixed.
  • Screencaps: Visual speaks louder, and therefore, it’s vitally important to include a screenshot where the bug appeared.

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How Do I Create a Bug Report in Excel?

To quickly record the bugs you’ve found, you simply need to find and download a bug report template and fill the forms as required. Here is how to fill a bug report in Excel:

  • Open the template in Excel and enter the bug number on the Defect ID box.
  • Input the module name where the bug was found on the Module Name column.
  • On the Release Version box, enter the software version where you detect the bugs.
  • Include a clear summary of the bug on the Summary column and the next column’s description (Description).
  • On Steps to Reproduce row, include the specific details of what measures were taken when the bugs were discovered.
  • On Expected Result, input the expected results, and write the actual outcomes when you have followed the existing steps on the Actual Result box.
  • On the Defect Severity and Priority, enter the level of the severity and the priority of the detected bugs.
  • Input the name of the individual to whom the problem is reported and provide its status.

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How Much Detail Should You Include in a Bug Report?

It should only include one issue and should be clear and concise. It should also contain the details of the environment where the bug was occurred and clear instructions that enable the developer to recreate the bug.

What Would Be an Ideal Bug Title?

Since the bug title is the first aspect that will be read often, it should be adequately suggestive for the reader to understand. Also, it must be able to describe everything about the bug in a short phrase.

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Composing a bug report from scratch is a time-consuming task. To save time and effort, you simply need to find and download a free bug report template and fill the blanks as needed.

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Printable Bug Report Template Sample

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