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Using Business Envelope Template to Make the Best Office Envelope

Business envelope template is always necessary when you have to send official letter from your business or from your company. Surely you can use blank envelopes. However, it will be so much better when the envelope is customized using your company’s name and logo on it. The receivers of the letter will feel that the letter they have just received is legitimate. Here’s what to learn about the template.

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What Is Business Envelope Template?

This is the template to make envelope for the business purpose. An envelope template is usually containing the front bit of it as the one you can edit. The rest is just like a standard envelope shape that can be printed afterward and you should be able to make tons of the envelopes using one template. It is very useful for those who need to create their own envelope for their business.

How Do I Make An Envelope Template In Word?

Ms. Word has its own template for envelope. You can find them by following the steps below:

  • Open a blank document on Microsoft Word.
  • Take a look at the window ribbon and then select the tab “Mailings”
  • On the left, there will be option “Envelope’’. Click that option
  • Edit the envelope the way you like, by adding documents or images.
  • Click ‘’print” and the envelope will be done.

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How Do I Print A Business Envelope In Word?

If you have your own template, all you have to do is just press CTRL+P as usual. Make sure the printer is loaded with the desired paper you have prepared before. However, if you use Word’s template for envelope, the print option is available underneath the envelope template.

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What To Write On Business Envelope?

When you plan to make the envelope and have downloaded the business envelope template, usually you will notice that the mandatory things to add on the envelope are including the company’s name on the upper corner of the envelope as well as the company’s logo underneath or next to it. The right side of the envelope is usually left blank as the space to add the address of the recipients.

business envelope template template free psd

Can You Make Business Envelope In Photoshop?

Sure you can. Photoshop is the tool to make everything. You can load the template on Photoshop and add everything from there. The tool can also get used to make envelope from nothing, starting by drawing the rectangle shape as the basic of the envelope.

What Paper Is Used To Make Envelopes?

It is believed that plain printing paper is good enough for envelope. White woven paper is just light and easy to use. They are also perfectly easy to find at any stores.

Instead of spending money on creating envelopes using the help of professional graphic designer, you can just using your own skill to make the envelope. All you need to use is the template. The templates are so many here and you just have to pick one or two that you like the best. Fill the template with whatever you like and the business envelope template will give you a great-looking envelope at the end.

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Printable Business Envelope Template Sample

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