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Business Postcard Template to Make Professionally Artsy Postcards

Postcards always have a sweet spot in everyone’s heart. Not to exclude in the heart of these cold-handed business persons. Find out why postcard is required even in a busy business world in this article below. In addition, you’ll get how to create one using a business postcard template.

What is Business Postcard Template?

Commonly, a postcard is used to promote a new product/service a company has. Mailing the postcard will help your company to test the targeted market’s interest in a certain product/service. It’s the public response which needs to be known.

What Should Be on a Business Postcard?

It depends on what purpose your business postcard is used for. In terms of marketing with a postcard, a postcard will contain a brief description about the product/service. Of course, you need to input the company’s name and contact information as well.

Aside from that, you should prepare some explanation why your product/service is beneficial for them; not to forget, a persuading call to action. It’s important to just stick with only one product and message instead of many.

How Can I Get a Free Postcard?

Getting a free postcard means you should print the postcard yourself. Have yourself a decent, doff photo paper, and print the design on it. Alternately you can use a semi-gloss paper stock or extra thick cardstock. Or, for a less-expensive option, you may grab a cover gloss. The latter may not suitable for professional postcard, but still, you can use it if you need cheaper choice.

How Do I Make a Postcard for My Business?

You can employ these two methods:

  • Drawing it manually or by hiring a designer, and
  • Grab a template and make the file quickly

The latter is much preferable. First, it is because you don’t need any more resources (read: money) to pay someone for the design. Most templates are free-to-download and easy to use, even for a novice personnel. You may even need merely a little time to customize the template, since postcards aren’t that stuffy with words and letters.

What Thickness is Postcard Paper?

According to USPS, a postcard is generally:

  • Rectangular,
  • At least 5-inch-long x 3.5-inch-high x 0.007 inch thick (around 0.2 mm),
  • No more than 6-inch-long x 4.25-inch-high x 0.016 (around 0.4 mm) thick.

If the postcard doesn’t comply the dimensions mentioned, usually the postal service will consider your mail piece as a letter – not a postcard.

How Is to Make Postcards from Templates?

Making a postcard from templates can never be better than using other methods; especially in terms of employed time. You don’t have to be in such hassle merely to make a simple, yet professionally-looking postcard. Aside from that, by using a business postcard template you can also save your bucks; no need to hire a professional illustrator/graphic designer to make the postcard design.

So, it’s a little information you may need about business postcards and how to make one by customizing a business postcard template. Getting a template to customize is time-saving and cost-saving; since you don’t need to allocate time for designing, or hiring a designer/illustrator to create the card’s design for your business needs.

Printable Business Postcard Template Sample