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Business Report Template to Show the Factual Conditions in Your Company

Business report is a neutral fact presentation for business purposes. Its use is very important for a business because it shows factual conditions that happen in the business being run. Since it is very important, the presentation cannot be arbitrary. Check out the review below regarding the business report template and several things related to it.

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How Do You Write a Business Report?

In writing business report, there are several complex processes. There are generally two processes in this regard: pre-report preparation and post-report preparation.

Here are the steps of pre-report preparation:

  • Plan writing reports
  • Do some business analysis
  • Examining the internal format
  • Have an ethos of working on reports such as project work

Meanwhile, the steps of post-report preparation are:

  • Write a title
  • Compile a table of contents
  • Writing abstracts
  • Write an introduction
  • Describe the methodology
  • Presenting the findings

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What Is a Business Report Format?

If you use a business report template, it usually already provides the format. The template is a file that refers to a special feature. This is commonly used as a guide to create a business report in general.

The format for this report consists of several parts. The first is summary that’s same as the abstract. The second is an introduction, containing the background and methods. The third is the main part which contains the findings and discussion of the existing findings. Finally, there is conclusion that contains conclusions and suggestions.

What Is Included in the Detailed Business Report Template?

In general, the content mentioned in the previous subheading meets the criteria as a template for a business report. However, there are actually more points. The more detailed the points are, the more reliable and better the report is.

These points include:

  • Cover
  • Table of contents
  • Abstract or summary
  • Overview about the company
  • Analysis
  • Plan
  • Conclusion
  • Suggestions

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Usually, the analysis is divided into several points: competitive analysis, consumer analysis, and company analysis. Likewise plans, there are management, operation and marketing plans. In addition, if you want the report to be more complete, add an appendix in the end of business report.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Business Report?

Even though the preparation of business report has many options, the level of sophistication can still be distinguished. A report has special characteristics that make it worthy of being called good.

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Here are the characteristics that indicate a good business:

  • It describes the goal very clearly.
  • It has accurate and neutral facts.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • It is concise and clear.

How Many Pages Is a Business Report?

There are no specific rules that state the number of pages for business report. The good report has completed features, but it is quite concise and clear. However, usually the number of pages is more than 8 pages.

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Moreover, business reports help to find out the factual conditions of the company. It can be used as a basis for long-term planning. Use the best business report template for the ultimate result.


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Printable Business Report Template Sample

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