10+ Printable Business Travel Itinerary Template

Business Travel Itinerary Template to Plan and Schedule Your Upcoming Trips

Business travel itinerary template is a template document that helps you to build a plan for business trips, whether it is to visit your joint partners, participate on fairs to sell products, or to manage new branch location of the company. The documented plan can be as short or as detailed as you want.

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What Is An Itinerary In Business?

Itinerary is a term that refers to schedule used on planned travels. It typically includes the visited destinations and the specific time, along with the transportation accommodation to move from one destination to another. While the provided templates here are meant specifically for business, itinerary is also common to be used on vacation travels or road trips.

What Are the Types of Itinerary?

Here are the three types of itinerary according to its format:

  • Skeletal: This itinerary is usually created to list activities schedule during the travel in a not really detailed way.
  • Technical: This itinerary lays out the details such as the means of transportation, times of departure and arrival, the duration for each destination, and hotel accommodation.
  • Descriptive: This itinerary comes with narrative about the visited destinations and planned activities, to describe about the expected things to do and see.

Skeletal and descriptive types of itinerary are the most commonly used by leisure travelers and travel agents because they don’t have to worry about time. However, for business purpose, it is recommended to use either technical itinerary to make the time spend during the trips effectively spent.

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What Is Ready Made Itinerary?

Itinerary can be created by request or ready-made. Ready-made itinerary is normally provided by travel agents – it is designed in advance without really knowing who will use it or when it is going to be used. For business trips, the document is usually made by request.

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How Do I Write A Business Itinerary?

The business travel itinerary template should include at least:

  • The travel date, times of flight, numbers of flight, and times of check-in
  • The name of departing airport and its address
  • The number of terminal in departing airport
  • Means of transportation to the departing airport
  • The name of arriving airport and its address
  • The number of terminal in arriving airport
  • Means of transportation to the hotel from arriving airport
  • The hotel’s name along with address and contact information
  • The numbers of reservation in hotel
  • The identity of your travel partners
  • The identity of person or entity you’re going to visit
  • The agenda of this trip of business
  • The recommended budget for daily
  • The exchange rate of currency (if travel overseas)
  • Other relevant information that applicable during the trip

business travel itinerary template template free word

How Do You Create An Itinerary In Excel?

You may use the free template of business itinerary and then simply insert it to Excel. Using software will allows you to use more features such as hyperlink for online maps, as example.

business travel itinerary template word template free

Business travel itinerary template can assist you to create the plan in easier way. After you’ve done editing the template, you may print it or send it to the related contacts for your business trips.


business travel itinerary template in word

Printable Business Travel Itinerary Template Sample

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business travel itinerary template free download word

business travel itinerary template free word template


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