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Creative Printable Butterfly Template and Cuts Out

Butterfly template is an extremely practical and simple tool you may use for various craft purposes. It can be turned into a material for children’s artwork, room decoration, and many more. Moreover, the template is available for free and there are several different designs available to choose from.

butterfly template free download psd

What Is A Butterfly Template?

The template of butterfly takes beautiful inspiration from the nature to provide creative drawing. Butterfly is famous for its stunning wings, with delicate form, vibrant colors, and intriguing patterns. There are plenty of templates with butterfly themes. They can be used after being downloaded.

What Are the Types of Butterfly Template?

Below are several available types of template with the theme of butterfly:

  • Plain: Plain template with butterfly outline drawing is perfect for children art project, which allows them to have freedom of creativity.
  • Simple: Simple printable template of butterfly is the most ideal to choose if you want them for a few different types of activities, such as color matching, color sorting, and others.
  • Colored: There are templates with only one color and there are templates with several colors. Colors will be a great element for any types of project involving butterfly.
  • Patterned: Butterfly is known for its appealing and stunning patterns on its wings. You may choose the patterned template and match the complexity the children’s ages.

butterfly template free psd template

What Can I Use Butterfly Template for?

The template is useful if you want to create coloring activity for the kids. It is also great as the base material for various creative arts and crafts projects. The beauty of colorful butterfly will make any place brighten up if you use it as decoration – especially the ones with more designs and patterns.

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How Can I Get Butterfly Template?

Simply choose any butterfly template from the available options that you prefer. Then click on it to download, and after it is downloaded, you may print it according to the size that you’d like.

What Are Craft Ideas Using Butterfly Template?

Here are several interesting ideas to use the template:

  • Paper butterfly: Put the template on top of paper and then trace it. Cut the trace out and decorate the drawings as much as you want, with various materials such as paints, glitters, stickers, or even by adding googly eyes.
  • Butterfly on stick: Cut the printed0out template that has shape of butterfly and then stick the cuts on the Popsicle sticks or clothespin. Decorate its wings area by using color pencils, crayons, markers, or glitter. If you use clothespin, you can push it open and then put the wings within to make it flies.
  • Chalk art: Create a butterfly cutout from the outline inside template. Put it over construction paper in black color then start to trace its edges by using colored chalk. Spread away the chalk by using cotton ball evenly. Lift off the template to see the result of adorable butterfly art under the stencil.

butterfly template in photoshop

Regardless of your project scale – small and simple to the big and complex such as making fabric butterfly wings, there will be a butterfly template that suits with your needs. The real challenge is choosing which template to use because there are simply so many of them.

butterfly template in psd design

Printable Butterfly Template Sample

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