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Create Cake Boxes at Home with a Cake Box Template

Whether it is your parents’ birthday or your friends’ anniversary, it will remain incomplete without the presence of a mouthwatering cake. After all, it’s an important component of every celebration, and they also make an awesome gift item. However, when you use a cake as a gift, you should know how to pack them in an attractive way. Finding and downloading a cake box template is a perfect option to get started off.

box cake template free psd template

How Do You Make a Perfect Cake Box?

Before you start creating the box, it’s important for you to decide the following things in advance so that you know you will get a perfect box for your cake:

How Do You Make a Simple Cake Box?

  • Use a ruler to get a square paper before cutting it out.
  • Fold your paper in half, and then fold it again until it looks like a diamond.
  • Fold the top down to the middle and do the same things to the bottom part until both sections meet in the middle. This will give you creases.
  • Unfold the bottom and top and the left and right sides to the center to turn the paper into a rectangle shape.
  • For the third crease, fold it down and press it well to make an edge that looks like an L. Unfold half of it and lift it up. Then, fold them down into your box so that they lay flat against the bottom as well as the side of the box.

box cake template in photoshop

How to Choose a Cake Box Template?

A cake box template is available in various styles, designs, and colors. Many selections you can choose based on the occasion where you will give the cake, such as:

  • Muffin box templates, as the name implies, are intended for holding mini cakes, such as cupcakes or muffins.
  • Free box templates are designed in a unique way, and many of them look like the shape of an actual cake.
  • Cardboard templates, as the name suggests, are meant for cake boxes made of cardboard. With this type of template, you will get the most simple and extravagant box for your cake.

box cake template in psd design

What Materials I Can Use to Make a Cake Box?

You use many different items in your daily life that usually comes in a form of paper, plastic, or metal boxes. You can use some of those boxes to create a box to put your gift. However, when you want to gift someone a cake, the box must be a new one. For this, cardboard is the best and common material you can choose.

What Size Cake Box Template Do I Need?

A template for a cake box usually comes in various sizes. However, you should choose a template that has around 1 to 2 inches wider than the cake so that the cake won’t be damaged.

box cake template psd template free

Making a custom cake box is indeed a challenging task. However, it would be a whole another thing if you start it off with a cake box template you can get for free.

box cake template in photoshop free download

Printable Cake Box Template Sample

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