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Information You Should Know about Call Log Template

Many companies require its employees to make a call log. You may be required to make one as well with your superior – but you don’t know anything until you found this article. Lucky you, you’ll get to understand it after you read this article about call log and call log template.

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What are Benefits of Having a Call Log?

Usually, a call log is made with several objectives in mind as follows:

  • As a way to control costs
  • Avoiding hacking
  • Evaluating the service desks’ performance
  • Assisting you to know what thing must be rectified from the system.

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How Do I Create a Call Log?

Just like making other forms, you can create a call log with a template or by doing manual way. As the latter option offers more personalized form you can make from scratch, using a template is way easier than that. When you employ a call log template, most of the times you don’t need to change anything but minor things.

If a template is not your thing, then the only thing to get your call log form is by making it through a PC app. More often than not, people are using a word-processor app or spreadsheet app like Microsoft Excel. You need to make tables if you use a word processor, pretty much the otherwise than what’ll you do with spreadsheet app.

How Do You Create a Call Log with Template?

Luckily, internet is full of wonderful things. One of those wonderful things is a call log template. Such pre-made template can be found many online, and that will assist you in the making of a call log form.

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Aside from being time-saving, this template is also budget-saving. You don’t need to hire someone just to make a document consisting of tables. All you need is just a free-to-download template. After downloading one that suits your features, the next thing is to customize it as per your need.

What is the Content of Call Log Template?

Typical call log form will contain these in it:

  1. The company’s identity; which will include logo, name, and address.
  2. Title
  3. Employee’s name and title.
  4. A table, which will include:
    • Date and time of incoming/outgoing call
    • Caller’s identity
    • Call duration
    • The purpose of calling
    • Contact number
    • Further action
    • Notes

How Do You Create a Call List in Excel?

Logging a call in Microsoft Excel is pretty much similar to logging calls in a word processor app. But, if you are using Excel, that will be easier since you can skip making tables. Once you make the document, you can input the data straight away.

If you’ve finished making the call log form (of course that will be intentionally left blank), you can proceed to customizing the looks. Highlight the tables, change the font’s alignment, or do anything you need in order to create a neat form.

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So, that is bit information about call logs and how to make one using a template. Note that even if you are using a call log template, you’ll still need to review the content. This is to ensure that the table is suiting your company’s requirement in terms of call log format.

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Printable Call Log Template Sample

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