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What is a Call Sheet and How to Make One with a Call Sheet Template?

Film production is not something that can be finished in a short time. To complete the shooting in a week or two will be inevitably impossible; especially if the film/series has a lot of casts and crews to work with. A call sheet is there to help the people involved know the details of their job description on the shooting day. It will take a long time to work on the sheet without any help. That is why you should get a call sheet template to back you up.

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What is a Call Sheet?

You may have heard it as well as ‘daily call sheets’ – well, whichever is fine. A call sheet is a document personally made which is based on the shot lists per day. Note that this sheet is made different from one person to another and from one team to another.

What Should Be on a Call Sheet?

There are 10 items you need to show in a all sheet. Those items are as follows:

  • General information
  • Health and safety information
  • Shooting schedule
  • Cast list
  • Contact information
  • Crew grid
  • Other information
  • Radio channels
  • Advanced
  • Weather forecasts

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Who Creates a Call Sheet?

A call sheet is crafted by the assistant director(s) under the supervision of the director itself. In order to fulfill the compliance of shooting time, generally a call sheet is made by assistant director several days earlier. This is because some teams/casts may need time to prepare for the items required for the shooting.

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Why is Call Sheets Important?

Given that this document is made and distributed on a daily basis, you may think that this is an important paper file – and yes, it is important.

Call sheets is a document in order to show the filming team (both casts and crews) where they need to be for a filming day. Without this, crews and casts will not know their schedule and where to attend the shooting.

How Do I Make a Call Sheet?

To make this essential document ready in a minute (although the reality will not be like that), it’s best to employ a call sheet template. A template – in this case, a call sheet one, is always ready to help you make a document real quick, especially if you need the file immediately.

The first step of making a call sheet with the help of a template is to download the template itself. Luckily, you can get the templates online literally anywhere. It’s very easy to download, but make sure that the template file is the one you want.

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Call sheet templates are available in various file types. To name some, there are Excel-friendly templates, Word-friendly template, or simply a PDF file. We suggest you to use the one with file extension .doc/.docx or .xls/.xlsx. That way, your template will be easier to edit.

Making a call sheet is definitely taking up much time. Especially if within a shooting day there are many people who got their schedule. Hence to ease your burden for at least a bit, why not download a call sheet template and make yours with the file?

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Printable Call Sheet Template Sample

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call sheet template free download word

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