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Candyland Board Game Template for Children to Play at Home

As holiday seasons slowly approaching, you have more time to spend with family and friends. One of the fun things to do with them is to play board games. This time round, instead of buying the games, you are able to create your own by using this Candyland board game template.

candyland board game template free psd template

How Do I Make A Board Game at Home?

To create board game on your own, there are two simple steps to take, which are:

  • Determining what type of board game to play

There are practically tons of board game types out there. Think about what game you want to play. You may make it suitable with the players’ ages.

Now after you have decided what to play, simply search it through the list of available templates online. Download the one you chose and then print it out, and be ready to play!

How Do You Make Candyland Board Game?

As an alternative of using Candyland board game template, it’s also possible to make it from scratch with the steps below:

  • Cut papers in six different colors into square shape. You need 22 squares for every color. Additionally, cut 6 smaller squares of pink colored paper.
  • Using the squares paper, create a path. You may follow the original Candyland color order or as you’d like. Make sequences with the smaller pink squares interrupts randomly in between.
  • For the board, make 5 – 6 candy realms. Taking examples from the original games, the candy realms are name Gumdrop Mountain or Lollipop Woods.
  • Put a single rainbow in between the paths that serves as lucky shortcut for players.
  • Make a colored card deck using construction paper. The cards will tell players what color square to move to according to the color. Create a candy card realm as well, where lucky players that get the card can move directly to the said realm.

candyland board game template psd template free

How Candyland was created?

Candyland is invented by Polio victim name Eleanor Abbott on 1940s where Polio crisis happened. She came up with this game colorful and fun game idea for Polio suffering kids on hospital that affected by the dreadful atmosphere.

candyland board game template template free psd

How Many Colors are in Candyland?

There are six color squares used in Candyland: red, purple, yellow, blue, orange, green. There’s also one extra color of pink.

How Many Cards are there in Candyland?

There are a total of 64 cards (9-10 for each color and 6 character cards). For the deck cards, there are three basic types: single-colored cards, two-colored cards, and cards with a picture. Each of them contains different rules.

How Long Does It Take to Play A Game of Candyland?

In general, Candyland is not a long game to play. The setup only takes 1 to 3 minutes, while the actual game itself takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Candyland is a great game for small kids, as they can play as well as learning about colors, counting, and naming the items. Simply download and use this Candyland board game template that’s available for free.


candyland board game template example psd design candyland board game template free download psd


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