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Capability Statement Template to Market Your Business Powerfully

Are you trying to present your company in the best light possible and demonstrate its capabilities and positioning in particular field? Business owners might be great at what they are doing, but it can be quite challenging to translate their passion into informing, engaging, and empowering words to the potential clients. Here’s where capability statement template can help you.

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What Is a Capability Statement?

Capability statement is a term that refers to brief documents about company’s competencies. It contains summary of the essential achievements, core expertise, critical skills, associations, as well as products or services of the company. In short, it outlines what the company does, what it masters the best, and what makes it different from competitors.

What Is the Use of A Capability Statement?

The purpose of capability statement is to communicate relevant information to prospective clients, key stakeholders, prospective suppliers, government agencies, or future hires.

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How Do You Write A Capability Statement?

Here are four essential components of capability statement template:

  • Essential competencies: This section contains concise statements that bridge capability of your company and the requirement of prospective clients.
  • Past achievements: Ideally, this part should include the contracts and subcontracts that have been earned by the company. It might be from corporate experience or related industry.
  • Main differentiators: Key differentiators can be presented in the form of team’s expertise, products or services’ quality, reasonable cost, or added value.
  • Company profile: This section may include one sentence or two about the business size, the employee numbers, or the usual geographic areas it operates.
  • Contact details: This part assures that clients know how to reach your business after they understand more about it. It typically serves a contact person’s name, position/title, phone numbers, and email address, along with business’ official web address.

capability statement template template free word

How Many Pages Should a Capability Statement Be?

This usually depends on the purpose of capability statement. If the intention is to introduce company or obtain certain project, a single page document usually will suffice, so the clients are able to easily and quickly read and compare your business with others.

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However, it’s also not rare for business to create longer capability statements in 5 to 6 pages long. Longer document is typically required if the business has to provides details that cannot be contained in one page.

How Do I Get Started to Write the Capability Statement?

Follow these steps to write a proper capability statement:

  • Get a template by downloading it online
  • Think about your target audience and the purpose you want to deliver
  • Consider the most ideal way to demonstrate capability of the business
  • Create notes for the capability list
  • Organize and format the document to look professional
  • Do double check on the spelling and grammar
  • Ask another person to proof-read it
  • Publish the document and send it to the potential clients

capability statement template free download word

A simple capability statement template might be turn into a powerful document to help your business grows. Simply choose the template that you want to use and then provide relevant information inside to market your company further.

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Printable Capability Statement Template Sample

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capability statement template free word template

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