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The Car Insurance Card Template for Your Vehicles

Registration, license, and insurance card are the three important documents that every responsible driver should have and bring whenever they are driving. An insurance card is that small documentation that is given to every driver by the insurance company. If you are assigned to design the card but have no idea how to start off, a car insurance card template will come in handy.

car insurance card template in photoshop free download

What is a Car Insurance Card?

A vehicle insurance card is a card that will be given to every vehicle owner who has insurance on their vehicles. The contents of the card usually vary depending on the state, but typically the set of policies’ effective dates, its number, and the policyholders are included.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Proof of Insurance?

If you are caught while driving without a car insurance card, you may face several charges for your incapability to provide the card, driving license suspension, and fees for permit reinstatement.

car insurance card template in photoshop

What Information is on a Car Insurance Card?

Below is the important information that a vehicle insurance card should have:

  • The name and address of the insured: If you are not the one who is insured, then your name will not be listed in the document. Also, make sure you are a licensed driver if you aren’t in charge.
  • The year when the vehicle was made: It should be included in the card since it is car insurance that will cover the vehicle, not the owner or driver.
  • Insurance company name and number: Both are important information that you will need when you plan to file an insurance claim.
  • Policy expiry dates: This should be included in the card as it will help you to make sure that your policy is in place when you see the date is approaching.

car insurance card template in psd design

How to Use a Car Insurance Card Template?

Just like any ready-made layout, a car insurance card template is also available in many different file formats. If you choose a template in PDF file, here is how to edit it:

  • Open the file using Acrobat DC.
  • Select the “Edit PDF” option that you can find on the right pane.
  • Now, you can start customizing the insurance card template you have downloaded by using the tools in the program, such as edit text, add new text, or change the fonts using the existing selections on the “Format” list.
  • Once you finished filling in the form, save the edited file or you can simply print it out as required.

How to Fill In a Car Insurance Document?

  • First and foremost, find and download a suitable insurance car template in Word, Open Document Text, or Adobe PDF.
  • Open the file on a corresponding program.
  • Use the existing tools to fill in the blank, such as the contact details, identification number, your name and address, the year your vehicle was made, the name and number of the insurance company, and the policy expiry dates.
  • If it’s required, you may as well change the fonts.
  • Once you are finished, you can print the card out.

car insurance card template psd template free

A car insurance card template will come in handy when you are required to create proof of insurance. While it’s widely available on the internet, do not ever try to create a fake insurance card with it as you will face severe sanctions.

car insurance card template template for photoshop

Printable Car Insurance Card Template Sample

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