10+ Printable Car Sale Receipt Template

Car Sale Receipt Template as a Proof of Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Car sale receipt template is something that vehicle seller and buyer may need since it shows the evidence and documentation of changes to the ownership. It indicates the ownership status of the vehicle has passed to the new buyer. Even though the name is “car sale receipt”, it can be used as the evidence in purchasing other vehicles. Here is the further information about it.

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How Do You Write a Receipt for a Car Sale?

Writing a receipt for car sale is valid for both parties. It must be owned by both buyer and seller. Therefore, in writing it, seller must have the two copies of receipt. An original copy is for the buyer, and a second copy is for archival storage.

In addition, the car price is stated as a proof of financial transactions. Moreover, the car brand and color must also be entered into the receipt as a detailed description. Don’t forget to add the date and transaction registration number.

How Do You Write a Receipt for Selling a Car Privately?

There are five steps you must take in writing private car sale receipt template.

  • Determine the type of paper media. You can specify the appearance as you like. It can be made simply or through software.
  • List the names involved. What is meant is of course the names of sellers and buyers, as well as the names of witnesses if any. In addition, it must also include the agreement of each party.
  • Explain the details of vehicle. It is related to the brand, year of purchase, model, and identification number. You can also add other details, such as the features.
  • Write down the agreed price. Usually, it is written in two writing formats, namely numbers and letters. If the buyer paid only a part of it, write down the debt payable at a later date.
  • Describing the condition of the car. It can be both defects and drawbacks. Don’t forget to include the reason for sale, and leave a space for the signature.

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Do I Need Stamp in Writing Receipt for Selling My Car?

Well, this receipt is an evidence letter, and its nature is binding both parties as transaction documentation. Therefore, in this case, a stamp is not required. You may need a stamp for the statement letter as an attachment to your receipt.

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What to Write When Selling a Car?

The things you can find in the car sale receipt are:

  • Date of sale
  • Mailing address
  • Registration
  • Payment
  • Signature

What is the Format of Car Sale Receipt?

This receipt has a format that can be tailored to the needs of seller or buyer. Therefore, the format is not always the same in every place. In addition, it does not have any patent rules regarding the formats.

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Even though the receipt doesn’t have a patent format, you can use the ready-made car sale receipt template. Just print it in large quantities for your dealer operations.

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Printable Car Sale Receipt Template Sample

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car sale receipt template free word template


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