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Card Game Template Free Download and the Examples

Game card template is often downloaded by those who make up their own game. Playing card is universal and can be used for mostly anything. You can use it for poker, slap jack and many other games. Below, there will be information about how to make your own cards using templates. The templates are available for free, and they are ready to download.

card game template in photoshop free download

What is Card Game Template?

The template is a blank card that you can fill in with anything. You should be able to make all types of game using the blank template as it is very versatile.

How Can I Make My Own Playing Cards at Home?

Follow these steps to make your own card game:

  • Download the templates.
  • Open the template on the intended software/program
  • Insert the picture for the card
  • Write the card’s value/information
  • Print the card

card game template in photoshop

How Can I Print My Own Game Cards?

Sure you can. Even when you have only a standard printer at home, you can still making your own game card. It all starts by selecting the perfect game card template for you and then edit them on Photoshop or other tools. Then, prepare A4 paper and load it in the printer. For better result, use thicker type of paper, like light cardboard or photo paper.

card game template in psd design

What Material Are Playing Cards Printed On?

Most DIY cards are printed on thicker type of paper, like photo paper. Photo paper becomes the right choice because they are easy to find and basically quite thick. Photo paper results in glossy-looking cards, which is very great to have. This is why when you make your DIY cards, it is better for you to use this kind of paper.

card game template psd template free

Are All Playing Cards the Same Size?

No. Most playing cards are in different sizes, depending on the type of the game. However, people who try to make up games on their own will have standard size of paper, which is around 2.25″ x 3.5″. It is large enough to put in tons of pictures and information about characters or about the games but not too large either so one sheet of A4 paper should be able to make about 8-10 cards.

How Do You Make A Game Card in Photoshop?

If you use Photoshop, you can surely make the card on your own. The first thing you have to do is making sure the template you found is in PSD format. Then, and only then, you can load the template on Photoshop and edit them. Use the cropping tools and insert tool to add pictures and then use the little T icon for adding text.

card game template template for photoshop

As the templates for making the cards are ready-made, all you have to do is just making sure that you know exactly what game you are trying to plan on. The templates are all blank and you can fill out the template with anything you want. So, do not forget that you can always download the game card template and have fun at parties and gatherings with DIY games.

card game template template free psd

Printable Card Game Template Sample

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