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Using a Cartoon Template to Make a Children-friendly Presentation Slides

Are you planning to make a presentation that goes with cartoon or funny illustration suitable for kids? Then you should make the presentation interesting enough to engage with them. Try downloading a cartoon template for making the presentation you are going to conduct. Say no more to bored audiences!

cartoon template free psd template

How to Find a Template with Cartoon Illustration?

It’s pretty easy to find templates with cartoon illustration. Luckily, these days there are loads of illustrators out there to help you with that. Hence, as you type the keyboard and hit that ‘Enter’ button, you can get literally anything you want, including a cartoon template.

If you have a specific cartoon in your mind, it is best to detail your search by typing the relevant keyword – not just typing a cartoon template. By doing that, you can refine the search results hence getting the template you want will be much feasible.

Where to Find Cartoon Template?

As mentioned, to find a template with cartoon or illustrations, you can simply find it online. Just type the relevant keywords on your search engine, press ‘Enter’ button, and you’re there.

cartoon template psd template free

Another way is to make the template itself from scratch. Make sure you are doing that only if you are sure of your skill of editing and using image editor apps. However, even if you are trying to make the template yourself with an adequate skill, it is going to take so much time still.

Why is a Cartoon Template Useful?

A cartoon template is useful especially if your presentation audiences are kids. But it does not mean using a professional-looking template for kids is not allowed.  But in order to gain their attention, aside from using a good presentation and communication skill, good presentation slides are useful as well.

cartoon template template free psd

Moreover, with such cartoons and illustrations to be attached in your file, isn’t it good to have your presentation looking colorful and fun?

What’s in the Cartoon Template?

There is an essential point that can be found in a cartoon template: the cartoon itself. Unlike in those professional-looking templates, a cartoon template will have illustrations attached. Plus, the color choice is usually using more colors. So, if you want to use it to your office presentation, the template will not be appropriate enough to use.

After downloading, you may also get a template that will need you to install a certain new font style. Aside from that, there is nothing different than other kinds of templates.

How to Use a Cartoon Template?

To use the cartoon template, you can do this procedure:

  • Launch your PowerPoint application on your computer.
  • Press Ctrl + O or simply head to ‘Open’.
  • Browse for the template you’ve downloaded.
  • Now that the template is already on your screen, start adding the contents you may need. Don’t forget, you may need to add more animations or slide transition effects. Just feel free to make the presentation slides
  • As you’ve finished adding the contents, now review your file to dismiss any errors.
  • Save the file afterwards.

Well, that’s how to make a funny presentation with a cartoon template. With this template, you can skip the time to make the cartoon background; hence it makes your working time shorter. Who doesn’t like their work to be finished as quick as possible?

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