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How to Make a Case Brief with a Case Brief Template

Are you a law student? Then probably you are already familiar with a term like a case brief. A long paper it is, and if you need to make one, make sure you got your case brief template. That way, you can get your document more organized and faster.

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What is a Case Brief?

A case brief is important to learn law. People write a case brief in order to summarize and to give an analysis to a court opinion. By writing it, students are expected to have a better understanding a decision made in the court. In addition, with that document students are expected to discuss and examine the cases involved in that case brief.

But, case brief isn’t just limited to law students only. Lawyer will also need to read and analyze any cases in detail.

How Long Does It Take to Write a Case Brief?

It takes different duration from one case to another. Some cases may only need less hours than the other cases. But, to say it in general, many people use anywhere between 15-150 hours.

Of course, such extensive hours used to make the case brief really depend on the issue itself. It can be the case facts which is the longest, or probably the rationale and the separate opinion written by the case brief writer.

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Well, there’s a trick to make the case brief in shorter time. You can benefit from a case brief template to make your paper quickly. Moreover, if you are new to creating stuff like this, grabbing a template to help you out will help you much.

How Do You Write a Case Brief?

In order to write a case brief, you can do this procedure below:

  • Pick one case brief format that suits well with the case.
  • Give the right title/caption when you name the brief
  • Identify the facts in the case. Make sure to pick facts that have impact on the outcome.
  • Write the procedural history.
  • Declare the issues which are available in the case brief
  • Declare the holding in your own words
  • Explain the court’s rationale for the holding
  • Describe the final decision
  • Involve other views on the case

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What does a Legal Brief Contain?

It actually contains some components. The aforementioned components can be summarized into seven points as follows:

  • Title and citation
  • Case facts
  • Issues being in question
  • Holdings (decisions made by the court)
  • Rationale (reasoning)
  • Separate opinions made by the writer
  • Analysis

How to Write a Case Brief with a Template?

Templates for case brief are available many online. You can simply find templates which are usually be in .doc/.docx file extension.

To write a case brief with a template, you surely need the data cases itself as the base ‘ingredients’ to compose your case brief. Then, download your template and customize it using the compatible app. It may take long time to write the case brief; so, it’s better to prepare it long before the deadline.

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So, that’s some information you may need about a case brief template. Make this template as your quick savior any time you want to make a case brief faster.

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Printable Case Brief Template Sample

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