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Useful Case Note Template for Any Kinds of Expertise

Case notes are widely needed in much expertise, ranging from social work to even law. Even medical may need this document to help them monitor their patients’ condition. Well – whatever your profession is, if you need a case note, you can use a case note template to make one.

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What is a Case Note?

What is a case note? The answer may differ depending on who defines the term itself. A case note for a law student will be different to a medical doctor. So, to explain the definition in general way is a bit tricky.

However, it can be inferred from the term itself. A case note is that document required in order to document a case, whatever case it may be. For example, it can be an illness case, a criminal case, or any other cases.

What Should be Included in a Case Note?

Since a case note is widely used depending on what expertise you are in, the contents of a case note differ from one to another. For example, a case note for social work will contain aspects related to children, persons, or families relevant to an incident/case.

case notes template in word

While in law expertise, a case note is required to write a brief citation of the case’s facts. Aside from that, the type of court and case procedural history will also be included. This will be different in another expertise, such as counseling, medical, etc.

How Long Should a Case Note Be?

It should not be too long to note a case – except if needed. One of the exceptions is the law case note. A law case note can be as long as 18 pages at its most.

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How Do You Write a Case Note?

To create a case note, include only important and relevant facts to the case presented in the note. Then, you need to present the facts in such a concise, clear, and interesting manner. Always focus in the important facts as well as its supporting points.

Next, if you have prepared the data to make the case note, the next step is to write the document. Of course – just like other documents, you can directly create the document from scratch by using word processor app. Or, if you want to make it simply, download a case note template that you need and start customizing it.

How to Make a Case Note with a Template?

Probably there are no templates that perfectly suit your preferences. As a result, you will need to customize the contents a bit.

So, after you successfully download the template, the next work is to customize the template. In this step, you can edit the template to be the case note template suiting your need.

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You may add more columns, deleting a row, and editing the headings. Even when you’ve finished the editing, later you will still need to do a recheck to the edited case note template. After that, simply save the template for a new file, and print it if you need the handout.

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Printable Case Note Template Sample

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case notes template free word template



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