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Case Report Template to Write a Professional Case Analysis

A case report is one of the key sources of obtaining information with a practical instance that also can be utilized in many different fields. Preparing the format of the case report will be much easier and quicker with the help of a case report template. The pre-made layout provides the styles and the proper format to compose a case study professionally.

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How Do You Structure a Case Report?

Case studies or reports should include the following elements: a brief abstract, an introduction paragraph with a reliable literature review, a case study description, a discussion that consists of an in-depth explanation of the existing literature review, a case summary, and a final verdict or conclusion.

What Does a Case Report Include?

The content of a case report differs depending on the fields. In the medical field, a case report includes a comprehensive description of the individual’s signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. It may also contain the patient’s demographic background.

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The use of a case report in the business world also differs. From the internal audit to the investor’s benefit, the report plays the biggest role. It mostly consists of critical information about the companies as well as the industries.

What Are the Steps to Make a Case Report?

  • First off, thoroughly read analyze the case by taking notes, highlighting the important facts, and underlining the main problems.
  • Focus on the analysis by identifying at least two key points. Why the problems exist? How do they influence the organization? Who is in charge of them?
  • Identify potential solutions or required changes by reviewing the course materials, discussions, research from external sources, and your own experience.
  • Choose the best solution by considering the supporting pieces of evidence that you think strong enough, the advantages, and the drawbacks. Also, consider whether or not the solution is adequately practical.

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How Do You Write a Case Report?

A case report template usually includes the following sections, but can vary depending upon your specific task instruction or case study:

  • Introduction: This is where you have to identify the main issues and problems in your case study. Construct and write a thesis statement that summarizes the results of your in-depth analysis in one or two sentences.
  • Background: In this section, you need to include the relevant information, facts, and main issues that lead you to analyze it. Also, show you have analyzed the problems.
  • Case evaluation: Describe each of the case studies you are working on and evaluate them by discussing which point is working and not working. Also, include a thorough explanation of why those points are not working well.
  • Possible solutions: Provide practical solutions and explain why you chose them. Also, support those solutions with strong evidence.
  • Recommendations: This is where you need to discuss particular strategies to accomplish the suggested solution.

How Many Words are in a Case Report?

Basically, there is no official word length for case reports. However, 2000 is the maximum word counts that are highly recommended (excluding the list of references and abstract).

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Using a case report template to compose a case study report is not only a time-saving solution, but also an ideal option to guide you writing a report in a proper as well as professional manner.

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Printable Case Report Template Sample

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case report template free download word

case report template free word template

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