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What is Case Study Template and How to Use it?

Case studies are a report of a specific event, activity, or issue. A case study template contains a ready-made format to arrange a case study analysis in a proper way.  When you are required to compose a case analysis, it’s important for you to identify the situation and apply your critical thinking skills when conducting the analysis.

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How to Write a Case Study?

Before you begin drafting, follow these quick guidelines to help you understand your case study:

  • Write down every fact that is highly related to the issues you are working on and highlight every major issue.
  • Find two to five major problems, figure out how such issues exist, and how they will affect the masses.
  • Read again your material of the course, any relevant discussions, and other reliable sources to obtain the best solutions for the problems.
  • Choose the solution you think is the best. Also, think about the supporting facts, advantages, and disadvantages of the selected solution.

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What Should Be Included in a Case Study Analysis?

A case study template usually includes these seven important sections:

  • Summary: This is where you explain the purpose of your case study, the issues along with the findings, and the theory that will be applied.
  • Findings: This section is usually divided into several sub-sections. This is where you can identify all the key issues you found; provide supporting evidence, the proper theory, and the concepts of course.
  • Discussion: In this part, you will need to summarize the key issues, identify possible solutions, and briefly explain each suggested solution.
  • Conclusion: Sum up all the key issues from both the discussion and case findings.
  • Recommendations: Select which of the strong solutions must be adopted and provide a brief explanation of how the chosen solution will solve the issues.
  • Implementation: Explain how the solution should be implemented, when and by whom.
  • References: Be sure all the references you use are cited properly

How Do You Make an Outline for Case Studies?

  • Decide and write the thesis statement at the top of the list.
  • Below the thesis statement, list all the key points that can support your case. Consider labeling them in numerals.
  • List all the supporting arguments for every important point.
  • If it’s possible, split each supporting argument or idea into several sub-ideas until the outline is completely developed.

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How Long is a Case Study?

Although the template and instructions have lots of detail, a case study should be only between 500 and 1,500-word counts. That is why you will have to write in an efficient manner and avoid the use of flowery language.

What is the Example of a Case Study?

A case study is basically a comprehensive study of one specific event, individual, or community. In psychology, one of the greatest samples of case studies is Phineas Gage where every aspect of his life is thoroughly analyzed to gain behavioral patterns and causes.

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Once you have all the necessary information, you can start writing by following the format of a case study template. While there are no standard rules, it’s important to include some of the specific elements that have been mentioned previously.

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Printable Case Study Template Sample

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