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Casting Call Template to Attract Potential Actors for Your Film Project

A casting call is an important announcement for your film projects. It is the notice you will have as the first point to have a contact with your potential actors. Besides, it helps actors to better understand your project and give a judgment whether your film project is worth their time or not. Therefore, you should make the casting call itself good. One thing that does the trick is to have a casting call template to help you out.

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What is a Casting Call?

A casting call or notice (both are commonly used) is a kind of announcement made known to the public. This announcement is made in order to inform a casting soon to be held to find suitable and appropriate actor, dancer, model, etc.                                    

How Do You Make a Casting Call?

You can write it with a template, or making its design and content all by yourself. A good casting call will need to accomplish these:

  • It excites the readers and ‘lure’ them to get involved in your film project
  • It tells the readers about the production details, such as the shooting times and the production company
  • It provides a glimpse of the people working on the project
  • If needed, it may also provide a project synopsis and the character information

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What Should Be Included in a Casting Call?

A casting call should have this essential information below:

  • Production title
  • Date, time, and place where the audition is going to be held
  • Requirements to have/bring

casting call template in photoshop

What App You Can Use to Make a Casting Call?

Since many casting calls are looking like an announcement poster, it’s more common to have a casting call be made with an image editor. An image editor provides a bunch of features that are beneficial for customizing the content itself.

Aside from an image editor application, you can also create casting calls easy with a word processor app. However, this app involves pretty limited features regarding to editing image or such.

casting call template in psd design

Making the casting call from scratch will take more time than making it with casting call template. A template is a premade outline for a document – in case of casting call; there are lots of templates that you can rely on.

How to Make a Casting Call with a Template?

It is not difficult at all to make a casting call with a template. The only thing you need to make sure is to have the casting call template itself. To obtain that, you need to download it online.

Simply type the relevant keyword on the search box and hit ‘Enter’. As you’ve found the suitable template, click ‘Download’ so that you save the file into your computer. Make sure you have installed the related application beforehand.

The next thing you need to do is to launch the application. Open the template from the app and start customizing the content.

casting call template psd template free

Once you’ve done making the content, it’s time to make it into its functional file. Usually, casting calls are made as an image file. Hence, the file extension will be .jpg, .png, or such. Export the file into the file extension as mentioned by benefitting from the ‘Save as’ or ‘Export’ feature from the app.

So, have you made your mind whether to make the paper yourself or by using a casting call template? As mentioned, using a template will assist you in making the paper faster. The bonus is, you don’t even have to think hard about making the design!

casting call template template for photoshop

Printable Casting Call Template Sample

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