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Create an Outstanding Catalog that Boosts the Company Sales

Catalog is an important tool used by companies to introduce their products to public. It has many benefits other than informing a certain list of product/service, hence it is important to make that excellently. To achieve that, consider having a catalog template to make it with no hassle.

catalog tamplate free psd template

What is a Catalog?

A catalog is defined simply as a complete list of items. This list is set systemically according to a certain order, for example, an alphabetical order or according to the price order.

catalog tamplate psd template free

What is the Benefit of Creating a Catalog?

The most obvious benefit of creating a catalog is to inform the audiences about something. Since catalog is typically made in order to include a certain list of products in sales, a catalog has these benefits that follow its making:

  • As the information for the reader/audiences, it can vary according to the catalog maker. It can be a list of product, a list of service, or anything else.
  • Building a brand. By being known to the public through the catalog, it helps the company to build the brand in the public’s eye.
  • To gain exposure. As you have built a certain image in public, it leads to gaining its exposure as well.
  • Selling the product/service. This is actually the main benefit people can have from a catalog. As people have known the product/service listed in the catalog, company hopes that people will start to put an eye on it.

catalog tamplate template free psd

What Is a Good Product Catalogue?

A catalog must have this one aspect: informative. However, you cannot dismiss its engaging and persuading side as well. To make a good product catalog, you need to copy-write the catalog in a concise, clear, and easy to read manner.

Making a decorated catalog is highly recommended. An engaging catalog can gain attention from the readers as well. Hence, you need to also think about the design as well.

What is the Format of Catalog?

Several formats of catalog are as follows:

  • 5” x 11”.
  • 5” x 8.5”. This is the most common size used in printed catalogs. As the size is smaller, the printing price is lower.

How many pages are there in a catalog? In common, there are 4-64 pages in a single catalog. The size can still be customized according to one’s preferences.

How Do I Create a Product Catalog?

Aside from making it yourself (which takes more time), consider making your catalog with the help of a catalog template. Catalog templates have different file types that you can choose from, suiting to the app used to customize the template.

How to Make Product Catalog with a Template?

In general, templates for catalogs are divided into three kinds: PSD templates, Word templates, and InDesign templates. There are many other file types, but these three are more common than the others.

To customize it:

  • Make sure to determine a concept for your catalog.
  • Once you know your concept, download a template that suits the concept of your catalog.
  • Now, by using the compatible app with the template, open the template file.
  • Customize the template afterwards.
  • Lastly, save the template or export it to its functional file, such as PDF, JPG, or PNG file types.

It’s recommended that you export the edited catalog template into a PDF file type. This will ease you if you are going to upload your catalog online.

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