10+ Printable Caterer Contract Template

How to Use the Caterer Contract Template

Are you new to catering business? You’ll need to prepare a caterer contract before getting into the deal with your client. How to make the contract using a caterer contract template and some related information will be explained in this article below.

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What is the Use of Catering Agreement?

A catering contract is a kind of agreement between a client and a caterer regarding the catering service that mentions the details of the service itself during a certain circumstance. This contract can be used one-time or multiple times within a specified period of time.

Aside from being called as catering contract, it can be called as a caterer contract. Others may also call it catering agreement or food service agreement.

Who Should Use a Catering Contract?

As mentioned earlier, a catering contract will involve two parties here: the caterer and the client. It is mainly used to document how the catering service must be provided by the caterer. It is basically made as per the preferences of the client; and the caterer use it in order to finalize the order.

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The term ‘caterer’ itself is very broad in meaning. It can be a restaurant, a home-catering service, etc. while the clients can vary as well from a school, wedding planner, a company, or just an individual.

What is Included in a Catering Contract?

This contract highlights important terms and conditions that the two parties have agreed upon. The terms and conditions are usually as written below:

  • The date when the event(s) will be held
  • An explanation whether the catering is required for single or multiple events.
  • The details of the service:
    1. The total number of guests
    2. The total number of serving staffs required
    3. The menu selection
    4. Dishware and the cutlery required for guests
    5. The after-event cleanup process
  • The details about the caterers. In this section, include the information whether the caterer is an individual/corporation, the name of the service, as well as the establishment’s location.
  • Compensation details, how the payment should be made, and whether the client is required to pay a deposit.
  • How to cancel the agreement plus the amount of notice that is required to be paid in order to cancel.

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What is the Use of Catering Agreement?

This document protects both the caterer and the clients in order to serve and get the service only as stated in the contract. It should be within the client’s expectation, and would be better not to exceed what is expected from a caterer as well.

How Do You Write a Catering Contract?

Despite it being a short document that can be made simply and with a short time, it feels like writing from scratch is troublesome enough to start with. That’s why a catering service usually has a caterer contract template ready to edit.

If you’ve just started your catering service, that will be beneficial if you own this template as well. After all, this paper is used to protect both parties so it is great to prepare one.

caterer contract template in word

Once you have already downloaded the caterer contract template, any time you want to write the template, you only need to open the template and edit is as per your need. That way, the contract making process will be much faster and your client doesn’t need to dwell on long service time.

caterer contract template free word template

Printable Caterer Contract Template Sample

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caterer contract template free download word


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