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If you are running a catering business, surely a catering contract template is something that you need. The agreement between client and the catering company is a serious one as it will involve tons of money in it. That is why it will be strengthen by a contract. For those having to create that contract, find the templates and further information about it below.

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What Is A Catering Contract Template?

The contract is a document signifying the agreement between clients and catering company. The contract template has already completed by all the needed parts and the thing you have to add is just like the details or the specific information about the agreement.

How Do I Make A Catering Contract?

To make a proper catering contract, you cannot ignore several things. These things or parts must be included in the contract:

  • The details of the clients/ client information
  • The menu ordered by clients
  • Cancelation policy
  • Agreement for payment method (down payment etc.)

catering contract template in word

How Does Contract Catering Work?

The contract is supposed to be legally binding. It is a legal agreement between two parties: the catering and the client. The contract can be used to protect both parties from unwanted situation, including abandonment. This is why contract is always needed and catering contract template should be owned by all catering companies in order to create the proper contract.

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What is Included in a Catering Contract Template?

As stated before, the catering contract will include several things considered as important. They are including the specific details of the menu and cancellation policy. Cancellation policy is specifically needed because it will determine whether or not money can be retrieved back by the customer if they have paid the down payment, or even the rest of it, and they cancel the order.

catering contract template template free word

How Much Should I Charge to Cater?

It depends on what menu to serve and what type of occasion it is. The standard catering type is the one for party and it is the plated or per portion one. This one is more common than the buffet one and considered slightly more expensive. This kind of catering can cost you about $20 per person. It is not including the taxes for services.

What are the Types of Catering Services?

There are many types of catering services. However, the most common ones are including wedding catering (obviously), social event catering, concession catering, restaurant catering, and a lot more. Each of them will definitely serve different kinds of food and charge different rate for their clients. Just ask for what type of service the caterer has and you will most definitely get a lot of choices.

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Now you do not have to worry when someone asking you to make the contract. The contract is easy to make, especially when you have the templates. Some clients, however, often ask for a contract signed off by attorney, too. It happens when the value of the contract is specifically massive. If so, you need to modify the catering contract template and add attorney signature there.

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Printable Catering Contract Template Sample

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catering contract template free word template




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