10+ Printable Catering Invoice Template

Examples of Catering Invoice Template for Business and Personal Use

Catering invoice template is the one you use to make the invoice and inform the clients about how much money they have to pay for the service or for the entire catering menu. Without a good invoice, clients will left baffled as they have no clue what is the money is for and how much they have been charged. This is why making the invoice is a must. Just find out the template for free.

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What is a Catering Invoice Template?

In fact, the template is considered as a pre-made document with the standard format of an invoice. It has spaces to add in the price and detailed other information. All you have to do is making sure that the template has all the layout and format you are looking for.

Does Google Have An Invoice Template?

Google does have invoice template. There are tons of websites providing you with the template. All you have to do before downloading anything is to get the editable and printable template. Then, it should have the correct structure or closest to the one you are expecting. After that, find the template that’s 100% free to download.

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What Does A Simple Invoice Look Like?

A catering invoice template will get you the simplest looking invoice. However, the invoice is supposed to be simple and straight forward anyway. You need the invoice to state the price of the whole catering service at once and you have to put the details. If there are taxes or any additional charges, you will have to put them on the invoice too, so the clients can see them properly.

catering invoice template in word

How Do You Write A Catering Invoice?

When writing a catering invoice, you will have to put these details into the document:

  • The detailed of the client’s order
  • Client’s information detail
  • The price of each menu item
  • Total price (including taxes)
  • Payment methods

catering invoice template template free word

How Do I Make A PDF Invoice?

It is very easy. Even though you are typing the document in Word, you can simply save the document as a PDF. Simply click on the ‘’save as’’ button and select the drop down menu underneath. Then, select PDF as the format of the document. Or, if you already have a PDF template, simply edit them in Adobe Reader or other PDF tool to complete the invoice.

Does Microsoft Word Have Invoice Template?

No, it does not. However, Microsoft Word can be used the entire time to make the invoice. After all, the invoice is just like a regular letter with tables stating the price. You can make it very easily using standard Word typing.

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Invoices are just legal document that you cannot make randomly. This is why you will have to make the invoice properly by using the right template. As there are tons of templates, you should be able to download them and use them to make the invoice. There are numerous types of catering invoice template. Select the one with doc format for the easiest editing process.

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Printable Catering Invoice Template Sample

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