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Using Catering Pricing Template and Download It for Free

A catering pricing template is frequently used by catering service to help informing the clients about the price of each item on the menu. It is like a regular price list but it contains all the dishes and food items from the catering menu. If you need to make the price list, here is the further information about it along with the pricing template you can freely use.

catering pricing template free psd template

How Much Should I Charge for Catering?

It will depend on the type of food the client orders. Regularly, a catering service with 4-6 food items on the package will cost around $30. The cost gets higher when the client opts for additional services or additional request for the menu items.

How Do You Price A Catering Menu?

It depends on so many different things, including the location of the catering service, too. You will find that catering service in high-end area will be definitely way more expensive than the one in a cheaper location. You should also pay attention on the quality of the food and the variation of the menu, the better it is, the more expensive it will be.

catering pricing template psd template free

What Is the Standard Format of Catering Pricing Template?

The standard format for a catering pricing template is usually doc or PDF. That way, you can include all types of menu on a list and add the price next to it. Usually, in a price list, there are no pictures added. The picture of the dish is normally added on the menu sheet, not on the price list. So, it is safe to say that the price list is more on the simpler style.

catering pricing template template free psd

How Do You Make Catering Pricing in Microsoft Word?

As there is no exact template for the price list, you need to either use a doc template or to start right from the start. If you choose the later, you will have to:

  • Open a blank document
  • Type in the title of the price list
  • Starting add the food items or dish items using ‘’’bullet and numbers’’ located on the window ribbon
  • Add the price of each item next to the item.
  • Print the document.

Can You Make Catering Pricing in Excel?

Yes you can. Excel can make things easier because it has its own grid and all you have to do is typing in the price and the item. It should be able to adjust the format on its own and make it neater. This is the reason why Excel is quite popular when it comes to catering price list.

Considering that price is a massive part of the deal, you have to make the price as vivid as possible before the client gets there. This is why making the price list is very essential here. The client will not get into an agreement when they have no idea about how much money they should pay for each food item and beverages in the menu. For this reason, you have to download the catering pricing template.


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