10+ Printable Catering Quote Template

Catering Quote Template to Showcase the Price of Your Catering Service

Oftentimes, a potential client of a catering service will ask for a price quote to know how much they must prepare the budget. If you are new to the business, it is always good to prepare its template. So, when a client asks the price quote from you – you won’t be confused how to prepare it. Find out below how to work with catering quote template.

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What is a Catering Quote?

A catering quote is basically the price list that is charged by a catering service to its clients. It includes the services, items, foods, and other related elements. For example, during a wedding reception, you may need the help of serving staff or need items like plates and cutlery. The catering quote will include the all-in price if you are paying for their service.

What Information is Included in a Catering Quote?

A catering quote will usually have this written on it:

  • The date when the service is ordered
  • Name, date, and place of the event
  • The list of items required
  • The number of required items
  • Price for each item(s) and total price charged

Aside from those points, usually catering quote will also include VAT (Value Added Tax). Also, the items required will typically be categorized into several sub-categories, such as food & beverage, staff, rentals, band, etc. It depends on the catering service itself.

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How Do You Find Your Service Quotation?

In determining price for your catering service, it is important to know how much the costs of your service. To get some profit, set your profit margin percentage according to your own desire, and add that on the cost.

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How to Prepare for a Catering Quotation?

In preparing a quotation, you need to do a certain process in order to make the quotation effective to gain a customer. The process will be mentioned as follows:

  • Show your prospective customers the service you can provide.
  • If any, show them any attached documents to provide suggestions.
  • Know what their needs are, and show what you can excel regarding to their needs.
  • If they agree to use your service then list down the items your client needs and provide the corresponding prices.
  • Calculate accurately the total of the purchase
  • Always make sure to review the document before presenting the quotation based on the current offerings.
  • Lastly, to ease making the quotation, you can use a catering quote template.

How Do You Write a Catering Quote?

As mentioned earlier, a catering quotation template should help when it comes to making a price quotation. This will be more beneficial if you are new to the business and/or have little knowledge to setting the documents required to do the business.

The catering quotation template is downloadable from the internet and to find that, it’s not difficult at all. The application to edit the template file is also commonly installed in people’s computer. So, you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to customize the template as per your need.

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Soon as you’ve downloaded the template, next thing you should do is to open the template through the compatible app. For example, if you download a .doc button, then you should use a word processor to edit it. After all, for catering quote template, .doc templates are the most common to be found.

catering quote template free word template

Printable Catering Quote Template Sample

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