10+ Printable Catholic Wedding Program Template

Composing Wedding Program with Catholic Wedding Program Template

For ones who are non-Catholic, Catholic marriage rites may not be known to them. There are some ‘movements’ they require to follow with such as to stand, sit, respond, and kneel at the required moment. Although the church may provide a program outline for you, it may look so-so and does not suit the style you like. So, to boost its looks without ruining its sacred meaning, why don’t you use a Catholic wedding program template?

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What Happens in a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?

A Catholic wedding program may be confusing for ones unaccustomed to it – and yes, it is reasonable. The rites require the attendants to join the movements like sitting and standing. There is also a responding moment. All of these may cause the non-Catholics to feel lost.

What Goes into a Catholic Wedding Program?

In general, a Catholic wedding program will include these events as follows:

  • Prelude, processional, introductory rites, and opening prayer
  • Readings
  • Gospel Acclamation and congregational hymn
  • The rites of marriage: the main ceremonial event – here’s the time when a bride and a groom exchange their vows and are given the blessings.
  • Closing rites

catholic wedding program template in word

Aside from that, a Catholic wedding program booklet will usually list down the family of bride and groom, as well as writing down the best man’s name, bridesmaid, etc.

How Many Pages Does a Catholic Program Need?

There is nothing like a strict format for a program. So, there is basically no rule of how many pages a Catholic wedding program booklet should need.

catholic wedding program template template for word

If you intend to make the program booklet structured and has cover pages, then it is safe to say that 6 pages are enough, given that per page has the size of half A4 paper (A5).

How to Structure the Catholic Wedding Program?

  • Use cardstock paper for the front and back cover.
  • Use inside first page to list down the celebrant, parents, ushers, and the wedding parties – including their relation to both bride and groom.
  • Put a reminder under that first inside page, including a thank you message. The reminder is important to make the attendants aware about what will happen during the ceremony.
  • This is similar to the back cover – a thank you message is also important to put there.
  • The rest of the pages can be used to list all the rites that will be done – including the standing, sitting, responding, etc.

How Do I Make a Catholic Wedding Program with Style?

You want to keep the sacred ceremony without ruining the style of your booklet? It’s easy! Try to download a Catholic wedding program template. A template usually will help you in order to make your paperwork looks good. Hence, you don’t need to think more about the design – the wedding itself has already taken a lot of cells in your brain, right?

catholic wedding program template in word design

Aside from making the wedding program with a Catholic wedding program template, it’s better to state first what style you are going to have in your booklet. Tips for you: use line artwork, no to apply too many colors, and always keep its style minimalistic. That should help to keep the sacred moment go well without being ruined by such a glamorous design!


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Printable Catholic Wedding Program Template Sample

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