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How to Make the CD Booklet Template in Simple Way

A CD booklet may not be existed in all CDs, but if you decide to give your CD a booklet, you better make it nicely. After all, it seems to be a good trick to higher your sales. One of the tricks to make the booklet size neat is by using a CD booklet template. Find out how to make it using that template in this article below.

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How Do I Make a CD Booklet?

In general, you can make it by doing any of these: making it yourself from scratch or using a template to help you out. Making the booklet yourself will give a more personalized booklet; as you have a full ‘control’ to the booklet’s content. But indeed, it takes much longer time.

What Size is a CD Booklet?

Since a CD booklet is usually attached behind the CD cover, the size is similar to the size of the cover itself. To be exact, the size is around 4.7 inches.

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What is the Content of a CD Booklet?

Usually, the content of a CD booklet will include:

  • Some information related to the CD content
  • If the CD contains songs, it could be the songs’ lyrics, composer, producer, and the song writer

cd booklet template psd template free

What App Can I Use to Make a CD Booklet?

It is like making any kinds of booklet – hence using an app as simple as a word processor is already fine. Aside from using a word processor app, you can use several other applications as well. For example: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, or any Adobe Illustrator.

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Of course, if you want to make it quicker, you can always look for some CD booklet template to work with. By downloading a template, you don’t have to think about what size you should make or how to structure the pages. You only need to think what content you will put into the booklet.

How to Make a CD Booklet with Templates?

Let’s say you have downloaded a CD booklet template for Microsoft Word. Then, what should you do next?

Its answer is crystal clear – you need to launch the app first. Then, browse for the template file and open it afterwards.

If you find any unnecessary texts or shapes in the template, simply click and delete those. Feel free to customize, but make sure you know what contents you should put there.

To make your booklet more engaging, you can do these tricks below:

  • Set up a color theme. This will be helpful in order not to let your booklet too colorful (unless the theme of your CD is that).
  • If you are going to have the booklet containing the lyrics of the songs put in that CD, then make sure to let the lyrics readable. This means you should make the font color contrast with the background; and not too small to read.
  • Use quality paper to print the booklet. It is a sure thing you don’t want your booklet to be easily torn away, right?

cd booklet template template free psd

Well, those are some tips to use a CD booklet template in order to make your CD booklet. It is a time-saving trick, especially if you don’t know how to format the booklet.

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Printable CD Booklet Template Sample

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