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CD Case Template to Protect Your Valuable Documentation

CD case serves as a place for your CD, and it minimizes damage to your CD. In addition, it can also protect CD from being scratched, so the data and documentation on it can be preserved and saved. If you buy it a store, usually you will get an attractive standard shape. However, you can actually make the design you want by modifying the CD case template.

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How Do I Make a CD Case in Word?

There are several steps in making CD case template in Word.

  • Select the templates on the Ms. Word.
  • In the media feature, choose the available CD template. Choose the closest one to your desires. The case design can be adjusted as you wish.
  • Then, click on the template you really want. The template usually comes with text and graphics. However, the text and graphics can be deleted by pressing the “delete” button. If you have deleted it, you can add the design image.
  • Now, create a case image. You can use the insert menu then select any image on your PC. Arrange and resize it.
  • Add text if you want. The trick is to insert the “wordart” feature or text box. Type the text to include. Then, block the text and choose the writing style you want.
  • Save and print the case you have created. You can use plastic case that you buy at stationery stores. For your convenience, the use of plastic template is highly recommended because you no longer need to cut and measure it anymore.

cd case template in photoshop

How Do You Make a CD Case with Template?

You can do several ways to make a CD case with template. First, just directly download the templates for free. Choose one in million available options. Adjust it that comes closest to your expectations.

Next, you can make it by yourself. Use the software to design the picture. The easiest is to use Ms. Word. For more professional level, you can use CorelDraw and Photoshop.

What Should I Include on a CD Case?

The things that need to be included on the CD case are:

  • Your name
  • The title of CD
  • The image you need to use

cd case template in photoshop free download

How Can I Make a CD Case Online?

To make a CD case by online, you can go directly to a specific website. There have been many online sites that provide features for making CD case designs. You only need to upload one of the images you want, and write the details you want to include. After that, it will work to make the design. You just have to download it when it is finished.

How Do I Print the Right Size CD Cover?

The standard CD case size is 4.75×4.75 inches or 12×12 cm. You can arrange it based on your need, or you can also set it during the printing process.

cd case template psd template free

Protect your documentation and data by using a CD case. To avoid mainstream design, just make your own CD case. In this case, CD case template is very helpful to save your time and budget.


cd case template template for photoshop

Printable CD Case Template Sample

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