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Free CD Cover in Photoshop Template to Download

CD cover in Photoshop template is mostly sought by those who want to customize their music disc collections or any files kept on compact discs. Even though CDs are not too popular anymore these days, they are still considered as collectibles and many people are still making covers for their CD. How to make the CD cover on your own? You can do that by following this information below.

How Do I Make a CD Cover In Photoshop?

Photoshop is indeed one of the best tools to design anything, including CD covers. You can use Photoshop for CD cover making either by using template or starting from a blank canvas. If you have the template already, the job will be so much easier as all you need to do is altering the already-made template and just fill in the details of the cover.

What Are The Dimensions for a CD Cover in Photoshop?

The standard size of a cover for CD is around 4.75x 4.75 inches or 12×12 cm. If you open Photoshop and edit the template, the resolution for the blank canvas or altered template should be twice as big. If the cover is about to be printed, it should have the resolution at 300dpi, too, for the sake of more vivid result.

What Should A CD Cover Include?

After downloading the CD cover in Photoshop template, you should understand what to add on the cover. Open the cover template on Photoshop and then add these details:

  • Title of the CD content/ albums
  • Artist’s name and genre information (if it is music)
  • Year of release
  • Brief content of the CD

Does Microsoft Word Have a CD Cover Template?

It is not particularly. However, CD cover is basically a square-shaped design that you can easily make on Microsoft Word. Simply draw a square using the “insert” and then “shape” menu on the window ribbon. Insert pictures and text into the square and you can also add colors, too. Do not forget to alter the size of the square to 4.75x 4.75 inches or 12×12 cm. The next thing you can do is printing the cover.

What Paper Is Used for CD Covers?

Since the cover is going to be the first thing to be seen on that particular CD, you need to use the high-quality paper to print the design. It is suggested that you use gloss paper to print the cover. The paper should have thickness around 80lb. It will be even better if the paper has higher thickness because it is going to be less prone to get ripped apart.

That is how basically you make a CD cover on your own. As long as there’s template to use, you should be able to make any type of CD cover according to your desire. Get the template as soon as possible and you can start making the CD cover. Complete the cover with any texts or pictures that you want. It will take no time at all to make, thanks to the CD cover in Photoshop template.

Printable CD Cover in Photoshop Template Sample