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Make Your File Saver More Aesthetic with CD Cover Template

The CD cover will make your CD look even more aesthetic. In contrast to CD cases which only focus on protection, CD over has a function to make it easy to memorize, eye-catchy, and look more beautiful. The following is information on CD cover template as well as anything related to it.

How Do I Make a CD Cover?

There are several steps to make a CD cover. First, you have to go through the steps to create CD cover template. This template determines the cover form that you will create. There are more than thousand examples of templates to emulate.

Second step is the drawing design. You can design your own image using the graphic design software. For an easier method, choose an image first. There are many choices to decorate your CD cover.

The third is the stage of inserting the image into the template. Insert the picture and adjust the size. You can also add any texts as you wish. Create it as interesting as possible.

Fourth is the process of conversion. This begins with the process of saving the template. Use the save as feature to convert it as PDF or JPG format. Then, the template is ready to print.

What Should I Write on a CD Cover?

What is written on the CD cover can be adjusted according to the contents of document or file in it. Therefore, the writing on each CD cover may vary, depending on who owns it and what it contains.

For CD containing the photos or documentation of an event, it should include:

  • The name of event
  • Year of implementation
  • Place

For CDs containing files:

  • File name
  • Compiler name
  • Made in what order
  • years

How Do You Make a Simple CD Cover?

To make it simple, just use Ms. Word. The features in it are complete enough to make the cover template. Make it as you desired based on the look that you want. For the pictures, you can get them on the internet, or even your own photo. If you need a custom look, hiring a designing rental service is a good idea.

What is the Standard Size for a CD cover?

For the standard CD box, it usually has a size of 12×12 cm. Therefore, to make the cover fit, you can make it bigger than that size; maybe 14×14 cm. However, there is also a large size, which is a rectangle in size of 12×15 cm. For the size of artificial chips, you can use an outer diameter 12 cm, and inner diameter 4 cm.

Does the CD Cover Have to Be in the Same Package with the Cover Box?

Stickers for CD are not a must-have item. However, if you put forward an aesthetic impression to sell, you can use the same appearance as the design box, and apply matching images and colors.

Then, use CD cover to mark your CDs and differentiate each other. If you do not have any idea, CD cover template will help you to create the beautiful one.

Printable CD Cover Template Sample