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When you have to make the inside part of the CD cover, you surely need the CD insert template. Yes, the inside part of the CD cover should resemble a little booklet containing several folds. This is what they call as CD insert. CD insert can contain lots of contents, but mostly related to the content of the CD itself. Find out more about the template on the information below.

cd insert template free psd template

What Are CD Inserts?

When you buy a new CD and open the case, you should find a little booklet behind the front cover. They are more like a flyer that has two to three folds. That is the CD insert. It is usually used to explain the content of the CD in details, or, if it is music-related content, it contains lyrics to the song as well.

How Do I Make a CD Insert?

CD insert can be made by downloading a template. Then, the next steps include:

  1. Open the template on Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or any program fits to the template format.
  2. Adjust the size of the template to the exact size of your CD casing.
  3. Insert the picture, texts or anything you want for the CD insert content.
  4. Print the CD insert

cd insert template psd template free

What Size is a CD Cover Insert?

CD insert is slightly smaller than the CD cover. Therefore, the insert or the little booklet is capable to be squeezed behind the cover. The common size of CD insert is around 4.74x 4.74 inches or 11.75 cm x 11.75 cm. Choose the CD insert template that has already set into this particular size and you won’t have to alter them anymore.

cd insert template template free psd

How Do I Insert a CD in Word?

If you do not use template, CD insert can be made using Word easily too. Start by making square shape of the suggestible size and then multiple the square depending on how many folds you want the CD insert to have. Then, the next thing to do is to fill the square with the content or the CD insert, and then print them. Lastly, fold them and tuck them behind the CD cover.

Does Microsoft Word Have a CD Label Template?

It is not exactly. Microsoft Word does not have any particular templates for CD insert. However, you can make the design right from the start by following the information above. Find the template in doc format, though, as it allows you to open them up in Microsoft Word and hence shorten the time of the CD insert making process.

CD insert is surely a DIY project as you can make one on your own and basically getting any texts or content that you like into it. This is why if you need to make the CD insert, do it already by downloading the templates. Those templates are free to get and surely they are helpful. Select a CD insert template that you like the most and use it as the base of your creation.

cd insert template free download psd

cd insert template example psd design




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